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  • David's new avatar

    David, I like your new MIB avatar

    (however, this thread probably won't be valid next week at the rate you're changing your avatars )

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    thanks Al! it's actually Matrix though if anybody's interested, here's how I made it:

    1. from various Matrix posters, I cut and pasted bits of the "code" into a long strip and the did some cloning to make it a smooth transition in between each one.
    2. I found a pic of "Neo" on the matrix site, used my digital camera to take a pic at the same angle as he was in the photo, then I took the shirt and sunglasses from the Neo photo and put them on my pic. I didn't have the angle quite right, so I used the 3D transform filter to change the perspective of the glasses so they'd look right, and then I used drop shadow so they didn't look like they were floating above my face.
    3. on the Famous fonts website, I found a font somebody made that looked like the title (it's called "Miltown") and in PS I used that font on my initials and used a bunch of layer blending modes to create my little "logo".
    4. I switched into ImageReady and worked on the animation. for the matrix-like code, I just moved my strip that I created to the bottom then scrolled upwards in each fram so it looked like the code flowing downwards like it does in the movie.
    5. I added in my logo and my pic and just changed the layer opacities to fade them in and out.
    for anybody who missed it, there was a good thread on animated avatars here

    - David
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      I stand corrected

      It sounds like you had lots of fun making it


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        I thought the prison mugshot was the best!!


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          David -- you are evolving right in front of our eyes! This is appropriate as an avatar, because you are at a "changing" stage in your life.

          I see by your other thread re: The Matrix, that you're anxious to see one or both of this year's Matrix sequels. My brother and his son have watched the original numerous times on DVD, and I'm sure they're looking forward to the next ones also. I was fascinated by the effects, but totally lost as to the story. Perhaps watching it the second time would be the key for me.
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            Al - yeah, I had lots of fun making it!

            Chris - LOL which one?! way too many of my pics look like mug shots..

            CJ - I'd definitely recommend watching again (and again and again... ) it can be a bit confusing the first time if you don't already know the story line, so a second watch is more enjoyable.

            - David


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              The full face I've just escaped from Devils Island one!


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                I remember the first time I saw 2001 A Space Odyssey. I totally didn't get it. After I saw it a second time, about a year later, I thought it was one of the best movies I had ever seen.



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                  Hey David - how about if you attach your avatar in this thread so that when you do change it again, this thread will still make sense!


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                    good idea Jeanie, should have thought of that!

                    - David
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