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  • Hello Goodbye

    Just joined today, but I see this is VERY much a photoshop site (though with some effort I can cull a few general threads).

    For me, that's a shame, because this looks like a fantastic site, but I use paintshoppro and like it very much.

    Does anyone think, or has there been some discussion before, about having one or more forums here specific to PSP? Do you think there's enough interest?

    I personally would love to participate. For PSP right now as far as I can discover there is only one dedicated forum, on usenet, but it is unmoderated and plagued by trolls.
    If you ever create a PSP corner here, I THINK you'll have a lot of interest.

    Feivel (anyone know how to write a "hopeful" smiley?)

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    Don't go away.....

    There are quite a few PSP users on here although they don't seem to have their own threads.

    If you post an idea or a question and mention PSP you'll get lots of responses especially if you mention PSP in the thread topic.

    We can all learn a lot from each other and techniques used by the PSP folks can be applied in Photoshop and vice versa - so don't go away, start posting



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      Thank you for the welcome.
      Maybe I'll give it a go.
      Still would be nice though if my idea could be implemented.



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        Yeah, stick around. The water's fine. It's so fine, in fact, that here's a PSP tutorial found on this very site.



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          As a matter of fact that very tutorial, found on a googlesearch, is the very thing that led me here.


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            since this IS the salon

            did you ever realize that "very" has 2 very different meanings.
            The usual: "a lot"
            and the way that it was used in my and Ed_L's posts: "a specific location or something"


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              feivel -

              In my experience here, it doesn't matter which program a person uses to achieve results; the results are what's important.

              We don't really spend much time talking about "programs", but we do talk about HOW we used a program's function to create part of an image, to fix an image, etc.

              If you want to discuss PSP and how you use it to solve particular problems with images, or to create specific looks in an image -- just start a new thread in a relevant forum, and invite the discussion to start. I use Photoshop, but I have tried PSP, and there are others here who use both plus other programs to achieve certain results. Lots of us are always interested in learning new techniques, and I'm sure you could learn something from other PSPer's in our forums also. We're into sharing here -- teaching and learning -- sounds like you'd fit right in!


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                As CJ states theres very little energy wasted on 'platform/program' wars on RT but its just a fact of life that PS dominates proceedings.


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                  .....and it's worth hanging around just to get a glimpse of Chris H's view of the world

                  Be sure to check out the "Ye Olde Original Regards from the UK" thread LOL

                  Take care, Margaret


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