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Confessions of a Hehe-ist

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  • Confessions of a Hehe-ist

    Ok, I admit I'm a bigot. I can't stand any post that says: "hehe".
    But I would like to change.

    I think the first step in resolving prejudice is to try to understand your "enemy".
    I'll need the help of the forum members if I'm to be successful.
    So here goes:
    First of all how do you pronounce hehe? Is it heh heh or is it hee hee? If it's hee hee, then I understand that it's an expression of giggling, I can live with that. If it's heh heh, then what does that mean? Is it a a sly kind of all-knowing expression or what.

    I really want to change. Any advice and support would be welcome.

    p.s. I realize there may be some insensitive people here who might find my plight mildly humorous. To those people I plead: "please don't write: "LOL".

    p.p.s. Does anyone know if Oprah reads these posts?
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    Re: Confessions of a Hehe-ist

    Originally posted by feivel
    First of all how do you pronounce hehe? Is it heh heh or is it hee hee? If it's hee hee, then I understand that it's an expression of giggling, I can live with that. If it's heh heh, then what does that mean? Is it a a sly kind of all-knowing expression or what.
    I don't have the same aversion to seeing this in a post that you do, but I have often wondered whether it's intended as "hee hee" or "heh heh"! It really changes the meaning for me and sometimes I can't tell the intended "tone"! I thought it was just me who didn't know how to intrepret it though.

    So there you have it - two of us who need some help here!



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      Almost a Haiku

      I think I'm cured!
      I'm ready to embrace all hehe-ers as equals.


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        I've always interpreted it as a "hee hee" but yet another variation I've seen used is "heheh" which i see as heh heh. I've never really been annoyed by it because I've seen it used so often on IMs and chat rooms.

        - David


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          Guide to Laughing on the Internet

          Pronounced "hee hee", this is the simplest laugh possible. "That was amusing, but not outright hilarious." When in doubt, use this one.

          Pronounced "hee hee hee". A step up from Hehe. "That was witty and quite funny, so you deserve a long laugh." This laugh is used for good clean humour that is very funny. If you want to type "hehe" but think it deserves something more, use this. However, if the event in question was outright hilarious, please see the next laugh.

          Pronounced "hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee (you get the picture)", this is one of the most high-calibur laughs. This should be used when you think you should be laughing out loud, but you're not. Make sure you only perform this in extreme situations, or you will look like you are on crack.

          Ok, so you're probably looking at this one and saying "Hey, didn't we already cover this one?" No no, my friend, this one has an H at the end. This one is pronounced "Heh heh", and should be used when responding to somewhat dirty or insulting jokes and comments. Similar to Hehe, except tougher. This should be used on dirty jokes anywhere, or on ANY joke in a chat room that isn't clean and friendly (ie: one of those channels where every other word is swearing).

          Ahhh, and now we come to the dreaded Heh. This is a bad, evil laugh that should ONLY be used in extreme situations. It can mean several things. When something bad has happened that is not really funny, but you want to acknowledge that you know it happened, use Heh. Here is an example of Heh in use:

          [Bob] My computer is wrecked because my brother tried putting a banana in the disk drive.

          [Jim] Heh

          Another use for Heh is when something was not funny at all and you want to let the person know that. For example:

          [Bob] Did you hear the one about the chicken? It crossed the road to get to the other side! Hahahahahahahah aren't I soooo funny?? hahahha!

          [Jim] Heh
          From Phronk's Guide To Laughing On the Internet


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            I guess that clarifies things. HeyHey!



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              T to the rescue once again - thanks T!!



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                  All the above points to why I'm glad we have the "smilies" to use in this forum -- much less chance to mistake a for a than a "he he" for a "heh".

                  Also it's harder to animate a "he he" ...


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                    But what about 'Gadzooks' ?


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                      Gadzooks! hehe, or is that heheh?


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