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  • Getting it off my chest (long)

    I have a credit account at a jewelry store, that I haven't used in two years. My son also had an account there, but neither of us knew the other had one. He lives about 50 miles from me. Before Christmas, he went into the jewelry store, told them he had an account that he also hadn't used in quite a while. He wanted to know if it was still open. The manager of the store took his driver's license, and pulled up my account (his had been closed). She told him the account was still active, he made a purchase, and signed for it. About a month ago, I received a statement in the mail showing the purchase on my account. Not knowing what happened, I called the credit department, and told them someone else used my account without my knowledge. The signatures (his and mine) were checked, and they were different. One problem is that he is named after me. He's a junior. But the manager didn't even check the address on the account. She just gave him the merchandise. A few days after I reported the problem to the credit bureau, my wife was talking to my son, who told her he had made the purchase, but didn't know it went on our account. He wondered why he hadn't received a statement. By now, the problem was turned over to the fraud department, so I called to let them know they put it on the wrong account, and there was no fraud. My wife explained to the investigator what had happened. He told her that was impossible (same as calling her a liar). But I had already talked to the manager of the store, and she admitted it was her mistake. Her excuse was that it was Christmas shopping season, and they were busy. This jerk from the fraud department had a real attitude, and kept insisting that my son knew what was happening. But he couldn't think of a reason why he would tell us, since he might never get caught. He threatened my son with fraud. I talked to this jerk more than once, and he thought he was the judge and jury. It all came out in the wash, and after I demanded that he call my wife and apologize for his attitude, he did apologize to her, but offered excuses for it. He told her he would send her a gift certificate. The name of the store in question is JB Robinson Jewelers, it and Kay Jewelers are owned by Sterling Jewelers, and it's their fraud department we were dealing with. I just got back from a visit to JB Robinson, where, in front of customers, I handed the ass't. manager my cut up credit card, and told her to cancel my account. I then showed her the gift certificate, and asked her lowdly, so others could hear, if I could pick out anything I wanted from the store for $50.00. She said yes I could. Here's what I did with the gift certificate in front of their customers.

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    wow Ed that's quite a story, It just goes to show you how easily mistakes can be made.
    I'm having a slight (at the moment) problem. It appears that the person who had my mail box before me had the first name of Cassandra and she was in financial trouble and had been receiving letters of demand from a number of companies. I keep sending them back as "adrressee not known at this post box" . But last week I received a letter adressed to me stating that "they knew" I was Cassandra ******** and I was using a shortened version of my maiden name to avoid paying my bills and that it wouldn't work. Of course it's not me but the coincidence is that this Cassandra person has the same maiden name as mine. I've sent the letter to my solicitor and hopefully he can sort it out but I'm not too impressed as it's going to cost me money to clear this up.


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      Money Money Money

      Geeez - I'm sending you hard earned money to support your web site and you are out there tearing it up?

      Next time you get into a problem like this offer the Cert on eBay and tell people the store isn't offering much in the line of social graces but ....

      It could be a different way to get even (better check with your lawyer on the write up) and still salvage something for the hassle!!!.

      Jim C


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        Look at it this way, Ed.. dealing with Corporate Entities and their Lackeys is alot like walking into a room full of Un-neutered dogs...Everyone seems intent on grabbing a free leg and just dont want to let go....
        Good job.......Tom


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          Oh, that's not the whole story. The jerk I talked to gave me information that I didn't ask for, and was supposed to be private, between the company and my son. They actually broke the law, and they'll hear more about this. I'm still fuming!!



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            Go get them ED. It's wrong that they gave out private information, not to mention the mess up and rudeness in the first place.


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              Ed, what a mess - I hope you can resolve it and maintain your dignity. Remember that revenge is a meal best eaten cold.

              Sanda, I too was receiving nasty letters about someone else's bills. I kept sending them back, but they would show up again. Finally in frustration, I scribbled "deceased" across the fronts of a bunch of letters and threw them back in the mail box.

              A week later - you guessed it - I got the letters all back again, only this time instead of being addressed to Mr. Bill Brock, they were addressed to Mr. Brock Deceased.

              That was funny enough, but it got rediculous when I continued to get mail addressed to Mr. Deceased for several months - the sender?? The provincial health care provider!!

              Take care, Margaret


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                It sounds like you need to let this Jewelry chain know the name of the person that's caused you such grief. Maybe go to his boss or manager and let them know how unhappy you are and just what info the guy gave out during his insulting diatribe. Is your son going to return the item he bought too since all this happened. That would serve them right if they lost another valuable customer.

                That is so funny. Thanks for the laugh. Next time try writing "He DIED you idiot!!" on the letters and see if they come back "Dear Mr. Idiot"


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                  I talked to his boss a few days ago. She told me I'd have to remember that they deal with dishonest people all the time. She also told me that my son went in there with my credit card, but it wouldn't swipe in the machine, so they had to enter the numbers manually. Problem is that nobody has *ever* had my card except me. Since she didn't seem to understand how I felt, I told her they need to remember that not everybody is crooked. Everyone now knows exactly what happened, but that doesn't make me feel any better about their business practices. The jewelry has been returned, and any family members who shopped there, will not do so in the future. Any accounts have been closed.



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                    It's a shame they didn't handle things in a more diplomatic fashion. It's their loss because you have a huge family.

                    I hate it when I'm made to feel suspect in a store or a bank. You start to feel guilty when you're not. I remember one time buying Muriatic Acid for the pool and some other items one of which was candy for the up coming Halloween holiday at a discount store. The store clerk actually questioned me on what I planned to use the acid for. I felt guilty as though I had done something wrong. I just told her that "Believe it or not, we actually put this stuff in our swimming pool water" but I had the feeling she felt I was going to poison neighborhood children. It's insulting as hell and I don't blame you for getting mad.


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                      And in the movie version Gene Hackman plays Ed and the jeweler receives an "Attitude Adjustment" and all is well.............


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