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Did you ever *really* think about justice?

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  • Did you ever *really* think about justice?

    Let me begin by saying that if anyone finds this post to be offensive, post your concerns, and I'll delete it. This is something that appeared in the paper, and it's not about the act, but about justice.

    Every once in a while, I see decisions handed down by the courts that seem absurd to me. Some of these stick in my head for some time. The following case will seem funny to most of you at first, but when you think about it, it really isn't funny at all. A few months ago, there was a write-up in the paper about some guy who had sex with a chicken, in a local motel room. The chicken died, and he was caught in the act. After being arrested for (I think) cruelty to aminals, he finally had his trial, after waiting for quite some time. I don't recall the exact sentence, but the man received a long prision term, which somehow sticks in my head as 18 years. This man had been arrested for this type of conduct before, and he spent some time in a mental facitity, where he was to undergo psychiatric help. When the judge ruled in the latest case, it had been proven by the defense, that the man did not get the help he needed, but somehow "fell through the cracks". The judge gave this man the long prision term, saying that he will now get the help he needs. Is this justice, or is it the fact that removing him from society will squash this behavior in the future? I have concerns about how hard it can be to have our judicial system provide "justice" for all.


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    It’s good for the chickens


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      Justice is wrong all around. I know of a case where a person strangled another pereson and did very severe and life long lasting damage, and the person only got 6 months house arrest. The other got life in an institution !!!

      This is a very hot topic for me... Oh by the way, now that the chicken abuser is in jail he can have all sorts of animals now... human and otherwise. Hope he wasn't placed in a working (farm) prison.

      Yes the system is very wrong.



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        Our criminal court system scares me to death. There is too much corruption and too many mistakes made. I wonder how many times real justice is served, how many criminals go free, and how many times the wrong person is convicted.


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          I sometimes think variations in the quality of justice follow the current feelings of the strongest groups. In one small town on Long Island, it is illegal to eat an ice cream cone while walking down the street. Yet daily, in the summer, drunk and disorderly behavior is tolerated because it brings in revenue.

          Through many periods in history, including now, if you could get a lawyer who could "find an angle in a circle", you got off. If you were a member of the masses, pack your bags.

          I think, too often, most of us, myself included, tend to ignore injustice because it's not happening to us. I guess it's human nature, but it should scare the pants off us.


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            As scary as our criminal justice system may seem .... It's still better than anywhere else in the world!

            Shall we bring up shoplifting in an islamic country? Say goodbye to your hand(s). Disagreeing with a cleric? Bullet to the skull.

            I'm sorry, but I personally do not want "chicken boy" out there on the streets with my kids. 18 years doesn't hurt my feelings in the least little bit.


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