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I'm Back - sort of... :)

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  • I'm Back - sort of... :)

    Hey guys!

    I just popped in for a second to say "Hi!" and to let you all know I'm not dead or anything.

    I've been soooooo busy the last couple of months - moving, work, moving, more work, a very little socializing, and even more work...

    I just have a few seconds to drop a quick note. It's late here and I'm going out of town (business) the next couple of days. Then, as soon as I get back, I have 3 days to get ready to go out of town again (for another 2 weeks in beautiful (?) Bentonville, Arkansas!)

    That means this quick note is all I'll have time for for at least another 2.5 weeks. I've just been wading through the 150 million emails I've got piled up here since I've been gone. Thanks to all of you who emailed and PM'd to ask if I was ok (I am - tired, but ok).

    I expect (hope) that all of the travelling and stuff will be over when I get back from Arkansas on the 28th and that things will be sort of back to normal by then.

    I just wanted to say I've really missed you guys.

    See you soon (I hope)

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    Hope you're getting lots of money for all this work

    Looking forward to you being active again!


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      Hey Jak,

      glad to see you around, I remember you saying you were very busy and weren't going to have much time to post for a while, but I was still wondering how you were doing. I'm sure it's very tiring to have all the work and moving, but if you're getting a lot of business, then I'd say thats a good thing! hope we'll hear from you again soon..

      - David


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        Hurry back you've been missed


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          Good to hear from you, Jakaleena!!!! Hurry back.



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            I wondered where you were too!
            It's good to know you're still with us. I always enjoy your posts.


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              Hey Jak! Good to hear from you again. Someone PM'd me to ask where you were. I told them you had taken a new position, and I thought that was pretty time consuming, but I expected you back, in time. Enjoy your trip.



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                Good to hear from you Jak! I just started a new job myself, so I know how quickly things can get hectic. Hang in there!