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    How did you meet your valentine? Ours was not a storybook romance, but the story is ours. She was 16, and I was 18. She was standing in front of her house, waiting for a date to arrive. This was in 1956. He never showed up because she had the day wrong. I was going past her house when I saw her standing there, so I stopped to talk to her for the first time. It wasn't long before I met her parents, and about 1 1/2 years later, we were married. She's been my valentine ever since.


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    Online love...

    Ok, first off...this is dating myself, but here goes...

    PRIOR to the Internet when BBS's were prevelant, I signed up to one (The Dating Tree), 16 wonderful 9600 Baud lines of Chat!!

    The nice thing about this BBS, was once you talked, they had softball games, bowling (yeah, I know, highly romantic), beach BBQ's and such. So you could actually go meet (or not) the people you'd be carrying on conversations with.

    Suffice to say...I found the BEST of of the group, we chatted for days/weeks, met at a BBQ and the rest is history. And wouldn't you know it, to this day we're both computer geeks.

    Truely a match made, "On the Net"!


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      jrolinc, dating your self? I can beat that

      I was (still am) a ham radio operator and was very involved in MARS work during the Vietnam war. Ran accross a sweet, young sounding, female voice coming out of my headphones. Took me a few months to work our a way to meet her, then really concentrated on making sure I had a good reason to talk to her as often as I could! After a couple of years we didn't need the radio to talk to each other (except when I was deployed) and its been that way for some 33 years.

      Don't really want it any other way



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        Good for you Chuck. Happy anniversary.



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