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  • Like a bad song.....

    Earlier today, someone commented on the text that was on Kevin's web page (nice site by the way Kevin)

    The text in question is a Latin quote that is widely used in "place holder" situations. In this case, Front Page inserts it to fill text areas until the site designer can fill the space with real information.

    I've seen that quote so many times I have some of it memorized (this from a person who can't remember if she had supper LOL)

    Now that quote is rolling around in my head like a bad song and I want to know what it means. I Googled it and came up with 10+ pages of hits on the text, all of them Front Page early efforts.

    I couldn't find a translation. I did find one site that allowed me to put in the text and it spit out a list of meanings for each word - if you've ever tried to conjugate Latin verbs you'll know how useful that was. All I could figure out is that you're strong, you cover your weakness with fake strength and then spend the rest of your life alone and lonely.

    Among the scholars on this forum, I'm sure there is someone who knows what that quote means.

    Please put me out of my misery......


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    It is reputed to be bits and pieces taken from a work authored by Cicero, (The Extremes of Good and Evil, written in 45 BC) and this webpage has an explanation and some translations of the work it is taken from --

    Lorem Ipsum

    "The point of using this text, or some other text of incidental intelligibility, is that it has a more-or-less normal (for English and Latin, at least) distribution of ascenders, descenders, and word-lengths, as opposed to just using "abc 123 abc 123", "Content here content here", or the like." by Denis Howe -- from website:More info

    I was taught to use it in one of my desktop publishing classes, but I don't think the instructor knew it was originally taken from Cicero...
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      Thank you CJ, now I can get on with my work

      I sort of knew that it was ancient Latin text, and I knew basically why it was used, but I had no idea that it had been in use for so long.

      Take care, Margaret


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