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The Universal Soldier--Limited Time To Listen Online!!!

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  • The Universal Soldier--Limited Time To Listen Online!!!

    Life Matters Music Track position 20.56

    Scroll halfway down this page to Monday, February 17 2003 program and click on the Second Hour to hear this moving track. "A clever and potent combination of two songs, where the centrepiece is the ever timely classic ‘Universal Soldier’ by Buffy St Marie."

    If you're using Real One Player--begin on 20.56 of the second hour. The presenter talks a few seconds before the music begins. The music is Celtic/Irish sounding and has a fast beat---but half way through the song slows (23.35). At a time when the world is in such strife over a war with Iraq--this song has a reflective message.

    RetouchPro users in Australia might be familiar with Radio National's Life Matters daily from 9am-11am. I do some of my best Photoshop when listening to this program. You'll need to listen to this link soon--as they leave up programs for audio streaming for a short time.


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    I had a hard time understanding it, but I think it might be my speakers. I'll try it on a different computer. Thanks for sharing. For those of you who will go to the site, look for Monday, Feb. 17. I think it's a little easier to find that way.



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      Jenny - thanks for the link. It was interesting, and heartening, to hear someone young sing Buffy's song, although I must admit to an ingrained bias towards Buffy's own version. I've been a fan of hers since the early '60's, and got to see her in concert.

      The radio program that continued after the singing was interesting also as it looked at the U.S. through the eyes of a visiting Australian, and saw little insight by us of how our friends in Europe, Australia, etc. see us.


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        Life Matters Music Track

        Ed and CJ,

        Like I said, I was really moved when I heard this song on the radio. I actually listened to the program on a real radio--and then if there are any good bits--I'll share them with my husband later in the evening via the audio steaming on the Life Matters site.

        If you're interested in hearing other commentary by either visiting Australian reporters on US affairs--or commentary by US reporters about life in the US to an Australian broadcast, I recommend hearing Phillip Adam's radio show, "Late Night Live" (also audio streaming).

        We listen to it religiously. Phillip Adams interviews Bruce Shapiro of the US every Wednesday night---who provides an excellent commentary on US politics. If you click on to past programs on the left navigation bar it will take you to the index or this URL See Wednesday Feb 19th program with the USA upate to hear Shapiro.



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          Thanks for the additional link Jenny. I listened to a good part of it, and all I can say is that it ain't over yet!!



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