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Goodbye, Mr. Rogers -- age 74

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  • Goodbye, Mr. Rogers -- age 74

    (CNN) -- Public television's Fred Rogers -- longtime host of the children's show "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" -- died Thursday. He was 74.

    Mr. Rogers -- Mr. Roger's Neighborhood

    He had a good life, I believe, and will be remembered by many formerly little kids.

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    I am truly saddened by this. I didn't know he was sick. Allbeit a little slow, it was a great show for kids, and one of a kind. I always loved Mr. Rogers.


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      A great loss

      It is a great loss to the viewing public. Adults and children.

      Perhaps he just became sick of the current selection of tv such as reality shows, constant news shows covering the same violent subjects over and over again and the crap Fox and MTV puts on for the younger generation and decided "I'm out of here." Seems there is little room for kind and gentile people.



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        Nah, I think Mr. Rogers would have stuck in there for the long haul, now more than ever, kids need an alternative. I just hope there is a way to purchase his series of shows on DVD so my future children can watch - or maybe PBS will continue to rerun for a while.


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          Amen BoB


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            I've been looking at the Mister Rogers link you posted CJ and have been mesmerized at all the information! I watched Mister Rogers when I was a kid in the states--loved that show. Much to my husband's delight I sang the opening and closing show songs!

            I agree---he did alot of good in his life!



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              Mr. Rogers was a pretty good public speaker as well. He was in great demand by colleges for graduations because of his universal appeal. Usually the choice of a speaker for such events would elicit a protest from one group or another...but never with Mr. Rogers! I think that really speaks to his kind nature and the love nearly everyone had for him.


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                "Just like a refrigerator or stove," Rogers said, "television is seen by children as something their parents provide. In a young child's mind, then, parents condone what's on the television set, just like they choose what's in the refrigerator or on the stove! That's why we who make television for children must be especially careful with what we produce, with the people we present and with the attitudes we show in television relationships -- attitudes of respect, kindness, healthy curiosity, determination, and love ... just as parents would want for their children."

                That's a perspective that I hadn't considered before, and is telling as to Mr. Rogers' level of dedication to his profession and to his audience.

                Greg -- I had no idea that college students would have desired him as a speaker -- that's very encouraging.

                Jenny -- his show was introduced after I was past the age of his normal audience, but I did occasionally watch it to see what it was like. I don't know all the words, as you do, but I do find myself humming the melody sometimes. I think it will be a nice tribute for many years to come as we continue to hum, sing, and play HIS song.

                Chiquitita -- I think you're right - he would have hung in there if he could. I've heard that he was still working on lots of projects. Bob, I imagine that even when he started his show, he saw himself as "an alternative" to the violence and ignorance of many television shows of that period. I had the Lone Ranger to teach me about "justice and the American way" (without killing the bad guys), but there were plenty of other stories that involved violence, racism, and other negative stories -- like the cartoons


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                  Mr. Rogers Cartoon Tributes

                  Okay, I cried... and cried.


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                    Thank you so much, chiquitita, for that wonderful link to Mr. Roger's New neighborhood!

                    It's fascinating to see so many loving cartoon tributes, when cartoonists are often so satirical.


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