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DVD player and JPEGs

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  • DVD player and JPEGs

    I'm considering the purchase a DVD player that will 'play' JPEG files.

    Does anyone have such a DVD player?

    How do the JPEGs look on a 32" TV screen?

    Is it worth it to get this feature on a DVD player?


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    I have one got it over the holiday--- the images look OK not as good as on your computer by any means!
    The player detected the jpegs and the menu displayed the option to start an auto slide show - has 3 speed options, randum effects.
    I did not like that at all and went to the web to find software that would let me edit and time the images, add music and play on the DVD player.
    I just posted in the other thread today (Making Music Files) that the software that seem to deliver was picture to TV link below:

    It takes some time to convert the show to the DVD format.
    The quality and color of the images will leave you disapionted either way. --- IMHO


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