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    This funny but true.

    I was working on a mask of the faces, arms and legs of two little girls. My husband, knowing that I was colourizing the photo, came up behind me and with a concerned note in his voice said " I know the coulours you use are up to you but I don't think red is very good for the faces. " I explained that it was only a mask to which he replied "did the customer want them to wear masks?"
    I had to explain what I was doing in detail before he understood that the red was not the final colour.

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    good one Sandra, this kind of stuff can sure be a confusing to people who don't know what the terms we all use for image editing mean, I've had similar amusing situations when people ask what the heck I'm talking about when I say something about cloning etc..

    - David


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      lol Sanda that' great


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        Keep 'em coming! I needed a little laugh. Thanks.



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          To some folks, "masks" and "cloning" probably sound like we're doing something illegal!


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            Your secrets safe with me CJ !


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              Your secrets safe with me CJ ! -- Chris H.
              Yeah, right -- unless they become "fodder" for the "Regards from the U.K...." forum

              It's a good thing PShop doesn't have any tools or plug-ins named "whip-something". Of course, there IS the lariat...

              When I bought my digital camera, the Olympus 2100 ultra zoom, I found that many owners liked to call it UZI for short --- although some did warn users when out on a photography "shoot" not to loudly ask their spouse/buddy to "get the UZI out of the bag and load it".