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  • Turn off HTML in Outlook

    In Outlook, is there any way to have it open HTML email as plain text? I'm tired of accidentally opening spam and giving them the feedback they crave when the email calls for graphics, etc. upon opening.

    I know you can turn off ALL HTML, but I want to leave it on and simply choose whether to allow it upon opening each individual email.
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    Outlook 11

    Microsoft Attacks Spam in new Outlook Program

    I believe Outlook 11 will allow you to do this:

    "We've taken a step backward, so to speak, by blocking external content when you preview e-mail," Simon Marks, Office XP product manager, said this week. Marks described the new feature as an important spam-fighting tool.

    Data such as image, sound and video files in HTML-formatted e-mail is usually pulled from a Web server in much the same way a Web browser grabs such data. But in the case of accessing content through a Web browser, someone typically makes the decision to go to the site. With Web-based spam mail, the content comes to the person unwanted--sometimes with strings attached.

    When content is downloaded in spam e-mail it can act as what is known as a "Web beacon," telling the sender that the e-mail address is in fact valid, a technique used by spammers. Viewing the message in a preview pane without opening it is enough to trigger the Web beacon, analysts said. The beacon can lead to more unwanted mail from the original sender and, potentially, from other spammers who have access to the same mailing list.

    The new Outlook 11 feature can be turned off in several ways. Its users can disable the mechanism completely, or turn it off on a case-by-case basis for any individual message they chose. They can also choose an option that allows HTML content in e-mail from Web sites people have designated as trustworthy.


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      Great, so I can do if if I spend $200

      Thanks for the link.
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        Try cloudmark Outlook add-in. It filters spam pretty well so you never have to view it at all.


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          I've been using MailWasher for some time now. It's free and works great with windows XP.



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            Got this article in email today and remembered Doug's earlier question so thought this might be of interest.

            For anyone not interested in reading the article, basically what some companies are doing is embedding a 1 pixel transparent gif in their otherwise innocent looking email - the gif is of course hosted on their server - so when you open the email, their server has to deliver it and they can log exactly when you opened it and also how long you spent reading it - or at least how long it was displayed on your screen.

            So you can't later say - but sir I didn't get the email



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              I just read the article .... Internet has really become a nightmare!!!!!

              Thanks for the link, Margaret!


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                (smug user of non-Microsoft email program that handles HTML mail safely)


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