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Cricket World Cup (hello Sanda...)

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  • Cricket World Cup (hello Sanda...)

    I went to the Oz/Sri Lanka match yesterday, and Oz is absolutely awesome. You get no idea of how well they work in the field from TV broadcasts. Our guys would have had no chance had they stayed in (I don't think anyone else has a chance either!).

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    Yeah they are pretty good, glad you got to see them play. I've seen them play (live) in test matches but not one-dayers and I have to agree they work very well together. I just wish Steve Waugh was there, he's carving them up here in our domestic competition and I would love to see him at the world cup, oh well the selectors say we don't need him

    I thought that S.A. was going to be our main competition, after-all they are the second best one-day side in the world. It was sad to see them eliminated. I think New Zealand will be tough when we play them, they always give us a fight.

    Just hope the guys can keep it all together for another few weeks and bring home the World Cup again.


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      And there they were, dead and buried at 84 for 7 and still managed to beat the Kiwis. I must admit that Bichel is one of the most underrated players even with the pounding he took from Sri Lanka.


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        They gave us a scare for a time. When I went to bed I thought they may lose but the bowlers pulled us through again. You're right about Bichel, he's usually carrying the drinks but when he gets a chance he makes the most of it.


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