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How fast does my site load?

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  • How fast does my site load?

    I just learned how to build a site using Flash. But I am affraid that it is loading too slowly. Can someone load up my site, tell me where you are from, what kind of connection you have, and how long it took to load?

    A second reason that we need this information is because we are getting ready to do a mail out to every portrait, wedding, and commercial photographer for NY and we are in Houston. So we kind of need to know how fast the site loads for that as well.

    I would really appreciate it.

    Once I get some feedback I will know if I have to go back to the drawing board over the weekend.


    Please feel free to contact me via email, this forum, or through AIM.
    1 - 5 seconds
    6 - 10 seconds
    11 - 15 seconds
    16 + seconds
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    I've got a DSL line at home here, I'm getting close to T1 speeds with that.

    Anyhow, to get to the first screen, it took about 15-16 secs, but then seem to play fine. If nothing else, you may want to put some sort of "loading" graphic up, so at least people can see that something is happening. I've noticed that on most sites that have Flash running.

    I'm also assuming you are not complete? I was curious about your Photoshop classes, but there is no info about it??

    Anyhow, good luck.


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      I purposely don't give info on the class other thasn the dates because I like to sell people on the class when I have them on the phone. But for general info, the class is an all day class from 8:30am - 5:00pm at $300 per student. The class covers basic issues and progresses into advanced issues. I say issues becuase we are not just teaching technique. The class is about workflow, equipment, archiving, actions, batching, and retouching. It is designed for professional photographers capturing digitally and it is not open to the public.

      Thank you so much for going to the site and posting the speed. I already have some good ideas on how to shorten the load time which I will tackle over the weekend.


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        The other end of the spectrum would be 56K Dialup, which would be ME. About 30 seconds and then the banner at the top appeared. Another 20 seconds and I started seeing the first of the scenes appear. I think a little something to look at during that first 30 seconds of wait would be nice, and might keep people from leaving who weren't as patient as me


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          Cable for me and at the moment the average is t1 speed. From begining click to completed page was 20 sec.


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            file size reduced

            OK. I have reduced the size of my index page by 50%, so if you are reading this could you please post how fast you can load our web site.

            Thank you for your time.



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              Hi Aric...good job on the Flash!! I have DSL on a Mac and a very short attention span I tried your site yesterday and thought the wait was a bit longer than I would have liked, but once it loaded, it was well worth the wait!! Today I noticed a considerable improvement in load time.

              If I could make a suggestion, it would be to make the slide with your name on it the last slide and maybe pause longer on it.

              I use Safari and when I mouseover the links on the title bar, the cursor doesn't always change into the hand to indicate a link. Don't know if that's a bug in Safari. I didn't report it to Safari yet.

              BTW who did you get to pose for those shots and how much did you have to pay them



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                It only took about 6 seconds on a 1mb connection. What concerns me more is the looping nature of the flash file, not only is it slightly irratating to keep looping but it will impact upon the filesize.

                Still, very clean and stylish. I would just like to see the looping file dissapear and be replaced by content.


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                  I'm using a DSL connection, and am just north of Dallas.

                  The header loaded in a couple of seconds, then a couple of seconds for each image.



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                    More changes made.

                    I have taken the advice from what I have read above and made a change or two. The most common comment seemed to be that the slides with my company name weren't staying on long enough so I have lengthened that time. The good news is that by making that change the file size did not increase at all! I am still new to Flash so I guess I assumed that it would make the file size larger.

                    Someone had asked about the images themselves. I got them from a stock photography web site for $29 per image.


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                      I couldn't access the site yesterday, but today it's loading pretty much instantly. nice looking site!

                      - David


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                        David, I see that you are in Canada. Would you mind telling me what kind on connection speed you have?


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                          I did a VisualRoute from my place to yours:

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                            whoops, sorry I forgot to mention what connection I'm on, I'm currently running ADSL.

                            - David


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                              Via ADSL from the UK it comes up within a couple of seconds.

                              BTW, while we're fine-tuning the final product, it should be "only as good as its last head shot" rather than "only as good as it's last head shot". You've put so much work in to create a professional image that you don't want stray typos intruding on it...