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  • my website.. kind of

    I made the website for a Band here in my hometown- It's 100% flash with photoshop designs... check it out and if you want to give me your opinion

    just that

    take care you all


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    First and foremost remove the splash page it is ineffective and redundant and can only add to bandwidth.

    The picture that you have is over compressed. I don't know how au-fait you are with Flash so I won't baffle you with specifics, but unless you tell it otherwise, even after compressing an image in your raster program (probably Photoshop), Flash then adds it own optimisation routine.

    Still, good start.


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      down here....

      well the problem for me is that down here, and with that I mean in Chile hehehe, no one seems to have a good internet conection so I had to compress the backgrounds a lot. I dont like it either but I had to since the normal screenmode here is 800x600 (there are even some people who still have 640x480).

      Also the band wanted a website that would load fast and everytime a link i pressed under 15 second.

      the new version of this website will be out soon and this time I wont compress much... I want the site to be seen as it was designed.

      thanks for your coment by the way




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