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Edmonton fire

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  • Edmonton fire

    David was that fire on Whyte Ave. near the store you work in??


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    Hi Margaret,

    yeah, that was actually just 2 blocks or so from where I work, it's quite a shock to see all those historic buildings (Uncle Albert's restuarant, a pet shop, fine sweets and candy store etc. - about 8 stores in total plus smoke and water damage to the nearby stores) burned to the ground. all the more sad becuase the fire spread extremely quickly becuase of the old insulation and so all of the animals in the pet store never even had a chance, the owner was just devistated. it's the second fire here in 3 days, the other one was a pretty big apartment building from the 1940's or '50s with cardboard insulation which burned to the ground very fast because of the fact that it can spread so fast through a building built that way and several firefighters had a very close call when a roof collapsed on them, but luckily everybody has survived the incidents.
    sorry it took me so long to reply to this, I've just been crazily busy lately, tons of work, rebuilding systems and reloading everything, lots of school work etc. and it's not about to let up any time soon, I barely have enough time to get on here and read the occasional post.

    - David


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      Hi David - glad to hear from you - being busy is not a bad problem to have as long as you're doing things you want to do

      That is really sad about that part of the city. I lived just a few blocks from there and we used to walk down past those buildings.

      take care, Margaret