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Photoshop on TV and in the movies

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  • Photoshop on TV and in the movies

    I was just watching "The Agency" and noticed that on their computer, in a scene where they were looking through a surgery image, the guy was talking about zooming in and adjusting contrast, then they showed the computer screen and I noticed he was adjusting using the Photoshop levels dialog! I always find it kind of amusing in cop shows etc. when they take a low rez, noisy photo and manage to zoom right in on a detail (i.e. on a licence plate) in perfect detail, or complete other very obviously unrealistic computer related tasks..
    has anybody else noticed photoshop being used in any tv shows/movies?

    - David
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    Theres a very popular archeology series on BBC where they use geo physical equipment to scan for buried features such as walls etc. The results usually pop up on some laptop in a tent using PS.

    If any of you remember Black Adder a possible TV export to North America the presenter of Time Team is Tony Robinson who was Black Adders filthy servant Baldrick.