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  • Downtime computer use

    Ok, not counting anything photo-related, web browsing-related, or work-related, what do you use your computer for the most?

    Quite frankly, discounting those doesn't really leave me much else. Maybe Freecell and Taipai. Aside from that my computer just mostly plays movies and music for me.

    I don't really care for games, especially nowadays. They're too complicated and twitch-dependent. Although I love kibbitzing when someone else is playing
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    Simply put, nothing. I dont like the games which are now popular, and other than the things you mentioned , when I am not doing them, the computer is off and out of mind. Tom


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      Well, "photo-related, web browsing-related, or work-related" takes up 98% of my computer time. The rest is taken up with Quicken. Once in a rare while I'll listen to a livestream radio broadcast from a station I can't receive otherwise. That's it. I'm not into games. -Jeanie


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        Hmmm, like everybody else--I use my computer for "other" tasks about 5% of the time. I occasionally write miscellaneous articles or journal entries, poems, etc. For this I use Microsoft Word. I also write a bi-monthly newsletter for a local animal shelter using Microsoft Publisher.

        Occasionally I get addicted to Minesweeper (one of the cheapy games that comes pre-packaged with Microsoft). Other than that, I'm like Tom in the fact that sometimes I like to keep the computer out-of-sight, out-of-mind.



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          For the slim amount of time that's left after all the things you mentioned, I must admit I love to play canasta. This is my way to un-wind and it is fun to play online with several different people not to mention I've made a couple of good friends I play with routinely.


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            I've got two computers with large 'tower' cases. These sit at the back of my desk with a plank across the two cases on which I keep about 300 folding maps of all types. So my computers 4th major function is a bookshelf.



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              <So my computers 4th major function is a bookshelf. > chris H.,

              I like that - making the computer pull double duty!

              Like Amanda, I also do a bi-monthly newsletter (for a wildlife rescue group) using PageMaker - of course, that's still somewhat photo-related. I do keep my finances on Quicken -- I'm not up to date, but it's still a lot easier to do it on the computer than by hand. I've burned a few CD's copied from old 78 rpm records, and want to do some more of that to make sure that I'll have copies of my favorite old music. I used to love creating databases at work, and want to learn present-day database software to set up a couple for our Home Owners Assoc. But, of course, learning photo restoration takes most of the time...
              C. J.


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                Mostly I do Photoshop related things on my computer and when I am not doing that I will sometimes unwind with one of the only games I play on computer other than my beloved Freecell is Jigsaws.
                I love checking my e-mail periodically or researching things online but that's it for me. My husband does manage to get on a few times but I am the computer hog mostly. Our son was playing too many games on the computer so we got him one of his own so we only had to share with each other. It's definately on all day whether or not I'm on it or not except when the lightnening storms come I shut down.


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                  I am inline with everyone else as "photo-related, web browsing-related, or work-related" takes up the majority of my computer time. Other than that I do make birthday cards for family and friends on my computer as well as my annual Christmas newsletter. Occasionally I play a game on it like You Don’t Know Jack or an old fashion board game from Hoyle’s Board Games collection. I do like the mystery games that are out like Riven and Myst as they have beautiful graphics and I like puzzle challenges verses action. Another fun game I tried last Christmas is Microsoft’s Pandora’s Box. It is full of puzzles of famous paintings and historical objects you have to put back together. There are different types of puzzles such as one that the pieces are viewed under different color channels and you have to put them back together. It’s actually quite fun, but I usually don’t have time to play as there are way too many other things to do.



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                    Rap music and computer games -- don't like either one. If it doesn't have to do with Photoshop type things, it will likely have something to do with woodworking (but not much time spent there). About the only other thing I do is use Microsoft Works. I sometimes put Photoshop tips in there to refer to, and I also use Works to access our local library system. This way I can sit at home while looking for and ordering books or CD's.



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                      I envy your on-line library access Ed. My county library service which serves approx 4-5,000,000 people has just installed a new computer system which no longer allows members to search the library catalogue online, they have to go in and search at their local branch on the in house system. So much for new computer systems !


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                        I can not get into games. Most are kind of scarry and violent. Like PS related forums and Photography sites. Like many of you I try and spend most computer time working on PS.

                        PS. Maybe an occasional visit to e-bay. Not really to buy but look.


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                          Well, it seems like I'm a minority.

                          Most of the time, I'm trying to learn Photoshop 6.01 (got it friday), but when I'm not I am either:

                          Playing a game of Online Quake 2.
                          Listening to my 6 gig MP3 collection (Billy Joel and Bethoven mostly)

                          Usually while listening to my music, I have my online messege programs on. ICQ and MSM.

                          There is, of course, trying to keep one of the cats from opening and closing the CD tray on one of my systems.

                          So, the PC is also entertainment for the cat.


                          <looks for some pennies>


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                            I watch DVD's, play things like Midtown Madness 2 and the Myst series, talk to friends on MSN messenger, download and listen to songs (have close to 1000 by now), and sometimes play around with audio programs and my Midi keyboard. besides that, its just loads of the three Doug listed (work, web & photo).

                            - David


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                              Re: Downtime computer use

                              Originally posted by Doug Nelson
                              Ok, not counting anything photo-related, web browsing-related, or work-related, what do you use your computer for the most?
                              Wow! You mean you can use a computer for other things??!

                              I never would have guessed....

                              Ok, I do use it for email and to do my family genealogy, but that's really about it if you exclude everything on your list...


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