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Am I the only one here from New York City (5 boroughs)?

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  • Am I the only one here from New York City (5 boroughs)?

    I am just curious if there are anyone from the 5 boroughs of NYC area. It would be cool to know that I amnot alone here, and MAYBE we can meet in person here if there's someone here from NY, ofcourse.

    I am hopeful

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  • viovioSam
    Sup, I'm new here.
    by viovioSam
    I am Sam. Yes I am. Eggs and ham? Thank you ma'am.

    10-12-2009, 12:07 PM
  • bilalamjad3
    new here
    by bilalamjad3
    my name is bilal
    from china
    new here.
    03-08-2010, 02:12 AM
  • tinynoble
    Ok, so I am new here
    by tinynoble
    ...and I am tired of the banner that tells me to post something
    I am not one of the youngsters by any means. I have been in the 'arts' for many years, had a craft business and gave painting lessons, did some web design.. had a sign business and did graphics using Flexi and Illustrator. ......
    08-25-2010, 07:09 PM
  • will55
    New Here
    by will55
    I have not been on here in quite awhile forgot my pw, which i do quite alot espacillayl if i don't log in to that particular site , so i will introduce myself , I am from Brooklyn New York City , I shoot people places and events and cityscapes. , however i am not new to photoshop and photo editing ,...
    02-16-2010, 08:25 AM
  • Verve
    Hi, new here!
    by Verve
    I am Rachel and I am new. I am from Portland Oregon and am kicking off a Senior portrait business. HS Seniors are very sensitive about skin and want fun, high fashion portraits. I hope to learn a lot here but I am a "lurking" personality type in the beginning... nice to "meet"...
    03-18-2009, 05:40 PM