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What's your internet connection speed?

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  • What's your internet connection speed?

    This is both interesting in general and also useful for me planning new features.
    28.8 or slower
    Even faster
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    Doug, This place still uses rope started servers and tin cans on strings for "Hi-Tech" communication. Tom


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      Oh Tom,

      I just love hearing your responses, it's like you're right next door to me...same type of lifestyle and conditions...LOL.

      Yes we have only one choice for internet connection out here in the middle of nowhere and no good prospects in the near future of getting out of the 19th century.


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        That question does not have a definite answer from me because I should have a 56K connection, but I'm not able to connect at more than 31,200. Thinking about changing ISP's.



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          Ed: it might not be your ISP, but the location of your telephone line in relation to the phone exchange. I have recently moved homes, and also have a 56k modem. My old connection speed used to be 26,400, but now its 48,000. (same ISP)

          One way to check could be to take your machine to a friends house and see if the speed is better or worse. Just a thought ~Vp~


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            Thanks for the tip. If it is the location, is there a easy fix for that?



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              no fix as far as I am aware Perhaps you can call your telephone Company and enquire? They might have some ideas.

              The alternative I guess would be going with cable or DSL, if its available in your area, and if you want to pay for it

              regards ~Vp~


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                Just wanted to throw in a couple of ideas for slow connections.

                My previous computer had a lucent win modem with is similar to the conexant from rockwell.

                These are software driven modems and I had a terrible time with slow connections and continual disconnects.

                After having the phone company test the lines outside and inside the house for excess noise on the lines with their little tester box thing (I'm not a phone repair expert as you can tell), I was advised by the internet rep at the phone company to switch to a hardware driven modem like US Robitics.

                Wonder of wonders I did this and no problems since. I have little or no disconnects and my speed is between 45 and 49 bps.

                Just a little tidbit of info for anyone who might want it.


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                  I tried replacing my modem and a few other tricks and now have a screaming 19.2 bps. Oh Lord, I am just Streakin down that electronic highway now!!! Tom


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                    Any chance you can complain to the phone company? Sounds like "noisy lines" are really slowing you down. Before I got a cable connection, someone told me that I could complain to the phone company about the lines not being "up to par." Of course, I just laughed at that suggestion, so won't blame you if you laugh at me for passing it on.


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                      The entire phone system up here is best described as dismal. The lines are bad..even for regular telephone conversation..lots of popping and crackling along with unexpected disconnects--thats while talking!! To download or send a 5 mb file can take up to 45 min to an hour, depending on how often you get disconnected. I suspect most of the lines were buried about the time the dinosaurs went extinct and have not received any serious attention since. Just one of the advantages of living in an underpopulated and isolated area. Its annoying but I like the isolation so I can live with the less than rapid speed. Tom


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                        mine told me they were required to provide no more than 9,000 bpm ; kinda took the wind outa my sails for complaining re usual rates between 18 and 26. But I chose this place with my eyes open and obviously not for its technological superiority. :o


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                          Interesting Kathleen. Required by who, might I ask? -Jeanie


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                            the phone guy recited this information with the glazed and defensive look of one who has been challenged too many times and it's not my fault lady there's really nothing i can do about it. i didn't press the issue but i wondered the same thing in retrospect. i figured it meant that was the minimum needed for us to have phone communication with one another.

                            locally, you used to just have to dial 4 #'s to get a neighbor, 5 for the next town. (15 years ago) most everybody was on a party line, and you could call your own self if you were really bored. now the quality is just as bad as it was then but everything is handled 500 miles away, and you can't easily talk to a human or fuss about your bill locally. we get the bad parts of progress first, i guess.


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                              I used to think we got the worst of everything (technologically-speaking) here in daarkest aafrica, that everyone in US had those T1 connections, but having read some of the posts here I feel quite cheered up! We're not the only ones in tin can & rope land

                              Although our phone only works for 8 months out of 12 (in a good year), when it does, I can get a maximum speed of 48000bps, average of 36000, and as low as 4800 on a really baad day (e.g. just after a thunder storm). Just depends on the state of the phone lines (wet/dry, suspended on poles/trampled into the mud, in existence/pinched for snare-making, etc. etc.)

                              Which explains why I don't make regular contributions to these forums these days ...


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