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What do you think of my new image gallery?

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  • What do you think of my new image gallery?

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    Your gallery is nice. It shows good examples of your various products.

    It does take a LONG time to download. I have an ADSL connection, and it took 30 - 45 seconds before the show started. Depending on your target audience, this may be a problem. I expect some dial-up modem users will give up and leave before they see anything. You do flash "loading", but you might want to consider splitting the gallery into sections that don't load until selected by a user.



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      I have tried at different times since this thread was posted to even get TO the site. I just now finally managed to get it to come up, and at 56k dialup I wouldn't wait for 830+ of .swf to load if I weren't doing it to help out. The load times seem to be getting more lengthy. I suspect not many dialup people would hang out staring at a largely blank screen for several minutes.


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        I have cable and it still took a bit to load. For me I could wait that long since it wasn't "that long". But I agree with all the comments above....most people wouldn't wait. Also to select the different cats the area to select is rather small.


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