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New ice cream flavor -- any takers?

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  • New ice cream flavor -- any takers?

    Ice cream maker cooks up April Fools' Day flavor

    March 31, 2003, 12:09 PM EST

    FREDONIA, N.Y. -- An ice cream maker is inviting April fools to line up for a taste of his newest flavor: suffering succotash.

    Scott Aldrich mixed corn and lima beans with vanilla ice cream and threw in pimentos for color.

    The concoction continues his 20-year tradition of making a bizarre flavor in honor of April Fools' Day. "I don't know how we came up with it, we just picked it," he said.

    With 35 gallons on hand, Aldrich Beef and Ice Cream Parlor, about 40 miles southwest of Buffalo, is offering free samples beginning first thing Tuesday.

    Past flavors have incorporated, among other things, sauerkraut, bacon and eggs, and creamed corn

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    I like creamed corn.



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      Some of those are standard flavors in Japan.
      I like creamed corn.


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        Doesn't sound like it would do much for my palate. Now, if he had some sardine flavored ice cream......



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          I like creamed corn, seriously.


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            Allow me to send a gallon of salted herring flavour to your residence then Ed, courtesy of me. The only charge would be me watching you consume it.


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              Thanks for the generous offer Mike. I can honestly say that I haven't found a flavor of ice cream I didn't like (yet!).



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                Mike - The thought of that flavor is enough to make my stomach turn!

                I worked in a gourmet ice cream shop in college and we actually had a recipe for pumpkin ice cream...we never could convince the owner to let us make it though!


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                  Ohhhhh - pumpking ice cream is delicious!! Just like pumpkin pie - only a little colder! It was the November flavor of the month at the dairy bar at the University of Vermont when I went there (20 years ago! )

                  About the flavor that started all this (corn, lima bean & pimento), I don't know if Chuck was kidding or not, but I know in Vietnam that both corn and beans are used a sweet pudding-like concoction and it's really good! In fact, without the pimento thrown into the mix, I bet that flavor would be pretty good!

                  Tony - I didn't think you were kidding. I like creamed corn too! And sweet corn & tapioca pudding (made with coconut milk - mmmmm!)



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                    Tony - I didn't think you were kidding. I like creamed corn too! And sweet corn & tapioca pudding (made with coconut milk - mmmmm!)
                    Finally, somebody takes me seriously.


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