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    How do I make a link in a message for a user to download a file from my server?

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    Let me begin by saying I had to dig for this answer (it was time I learned how to do it )

    For an answer, I had to dig through the documentation at my hosting company to find how to do it.

    My hosting company has it set up so that I can use my ftp program (I use Fetch) to log into the ftp area that has been assigned to me. Then I upload the files to that area and then in my web page, I put the following line:

    <a href="">download</a>

    It took a bit of fiddling with the url (their instructions didn't reflect reality ) but I did get it to work.

    If you try it with a plain text file, it will just open in a browser window rather than downloading it. If you zip or stuf the file first, you'll see it download properly.

    Hope this helps. Feel free to try the <a href above - the file you'll get is a .sit and once it's unstuffed it's a rtf file full of garbage.

    Take care, Margaret



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      If you're asking how to post a link here in the forums, just hit the "http://" button visible on the posting screen. A window will open where you can type in the description, then you click OK. Another window will open where you can type or paste in the actual link.

      Or you can just paste the link into a message and it will work, though it might look a bit odd.

      Compare this link to this one:
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