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Down among the Cretans !

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  • Down among the Cretans !

    Just arrive on the island a couple of days ago after an epic 5 hours on a plane designed for dwarfs ! Cerainly a lot of material for photos, half the island is in the form of ruins!

    Cheers to all !

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    Well, we hope to see some pics soon then...


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      Abiding memories of Crete consist of navigating my mother around the island (as my father has BAD case of heeby-jeebies over heights i.e. driving in mountains).

      ME: "You want to go straight ahead at the next set of lights"

      [time passes]

      ME: "STOP! The lights are on red! What are you doing?"

      MOTHER: "You said to go straight ahead at the next set of lights..."

      Strangely enough, this was the last vacation I had the nerve to take with my parents...


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        Your certainly right as regards the roads Leah some of the mountain passes are something else plus the fact they drive on the right !! Spent most of the time in the mountains, used buses and hitching lifts to get around.


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