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Tradgic News day today

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  • Tradgic News day today

    I turned on the news this morning and was stunned by what was going on. The World Trade Center destroyed and the Pentagon hit. I'm speachless. What can you say about something like this or the people who would do this?

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    I certainly have no words - still shaking... And they think there's a United flight still unaccounted for... -Jeanie


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      I'm sorry about this sad post. I was on Retouch Pro when the news of this tragedy flashed. I was so stunned, I felt the need to reach out to someone and you guys were there. This is one frightening day and no it will not soon be forgotten. My prayers are with the families of those lost and injured in this terrible event.


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        You know I listened to one representative say that terrorism is the act of terrorists trying to invoke terror in the victims.

        Well in my mind and the way I feel right now I am neither terrorized or frightened...I'M VERY, VERY MAD!!!!!!!!!!!.

        So to those terrorists, you have not scared this american, you have angered me beyond words!


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