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  • Don't tell me...!

    I feel lonely.....! Where are all the PSPro users in here? Or do I have to rush out and buy a dozen Lottery tickets hoping to win enough to purchase the latest version of PhotoShop. Just think, my young neighbour has it...and doesn't use it. Oh dear...I feel quite ill. Just joshing...she used it ONCE.


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    Make her an offer!


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      Don't feel lonely! I also use PSP, but am working in version 8. Have you tried it yet? It's terrific!



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        Hi Jade, Chris, Tyeise!

        I don't know about Tyesie, but the rest of us would never be able to get advantage of this incredible offer (link removed) a friend of mine sent me by e-mail ..... since it came with this:

        NOTE: Unfortunately, we CANNOT ship internationally at this time.

        ... Jade ... Chris' suggestion might still be your best bet to get hold of Photoshop without having to buy lottery tickets ....
        Last edited by Flora; 05-08-2003, 02:11 AM.


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          Flora, is it legal if it can't be registered?
          (most places I've seen discount or "free" software aren't really legal - if you read all the fine print! For example, you are allowed a free backup version - but only if you already purchased the original.)



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            Knowing who I got this from, I think it's legal ....

            ...and as far as registering products .... well.... I've never been allowed to register my Windows versions (95 and 98SE), as they were the OEM versions that came bundled with the computers I bought from the official Compaq dealer.... and, therefore, absolutely legal .... But I'm no expert .....


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              But I've registered the OEM products that I have gotten on my new machines. I guess I need to do a little more checking.



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                Thank you folks

                Hi folks,

                Lovely to make your acquaintance! Thank you for the link Fiora so cheap doesn't it? (That's A$78). I wander around Computer stores here in W.AUST. and look balefully at PhotoShop priced at A$1400 and as a pensioner I can do nothing else but dream on! Thanks for the link though, perhaps the offer will extend here one day.

                Hi Chris....ACTUALLY...I did have a talk with my neighbour this morning and she seemed reluctant to tell me where she got her version 6 from?! The main thing is that even though there's mostly PS tutes etc here at RetouchPro there's no reason not to try something similar anyway in PSP even though the results may be different at times. I've seen plenty links for PSP at RetouchPro also...many I already know about though.

                Hi Tyeise....yes! I tried the first Beta of PSP8 and thought it marvellous, spent 3 days on it but nothing since. I was hugely impressed with the "scripts"...! Meantime I've decided after years of working with PSP that I now want to seriously do some photo restoration work etc. So here I am to....LEARN. The resources to try are just a marvel here and very thankful to have found this site.

                I'm having a grand time searching the other forums....such great info re "printing" too!

                Cheerio for now


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                  Jade, I've found that in restoration work, there's very little that PSP can't do that PS can. (Some things may just take a bit longer ) Things that I do miss are LAB, quick mask and some keyboard shortcuts (spacebar and [ ] are the ones that I really would like to see).

                  Like you, I've found that PS is ludicrously expensive outside the USA. Even educational versions cost US$800, and then you have to buy 10 units. PSP 7 at US$100 here, is a bargain, and I can encourage students not to pirate software...


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                    ...maybe different companies have (or had) different policies .... but thank you for warning me ... the very last thing I'd want is to promote something illega!!!! .. so I'd be grateful if you let me know what you've found out on this matter ... .... in the meantime I'll remove the link just in case ....


                    ...I was so excited about posting the 'link' that I forgot my manners ... Welcome to RP and I'm very glad to make your acquaintance too!

                    ...repeating what I wrote in another post:

                    "Just a word of warning...You are entering a Danger Zone ..... ....Addiction to Photoshop, (or whatever other image elaboration program is your drug of choice), is very wide spread in all RP areas.....and you might soon become contaminated....there is no known cure or antidote for it....I know because it happened to me....and I loved and love every single moment of it!!!!!

                    I really do hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do!

                    P.S. Help, tips, tricks, and great tutorials are a side effect of the contamination....You'll find them, mostly, in two forms: scattered all over particularly assigned zones...or neatly collected in their own special habitat..."


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                      Back again...!

                      BigAl....thanks for the heartening comment about PSP being capable of photo restoration etc.! Very encouraging and I thank you for it. I did toddle off and have found a couple of links to download PSP6 but it takes several hours to do so.

                      Flora.....too late! I'm addicted all the way back to PSP3 shareware version...LOL. I just have to create daily or I just don't sleep nights. Tonight it was some photo manipulation with photos of my grandsons. Re Photo restoration...I'd been pestering friends for old photos to practice on and some did supply a few (which hopefully I can pass onto the appropriate forums here in the future for everyone to try out) so to suddenly find a ready supply here to work with I was chuffed.

                      Have a great hubby turns 65 on Saturday so we'll be celebrating...yipee.



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                        ....what a wonderful Italian it's Giada....

                        ...Thank you and I wish your husband a very, very Happy Birthday and a great weekend for you all ....


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                          I did some checking, and if you can't register the product, it is an illegal or pirated copy.



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                            Thank you very much for your feedback!

                            ... I got my (very, very expensive) Photoshop 7 sometimes last year, and upgraded it to 7.01 when the patch came out....

                            ...But I still wonder why they wouldn't let me register my Windows OEM versions ... Mind you it was a couple of years ago .....


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                              I don't know, Flora. I've never heard of such a thing. I've always registered all my software, even my Windows.



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