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  • French/English translation?

    Hi Folks,

    I have a family document that is written in French, but I have no idea what it says. If anyone is able to translate it for me, I'd be thrilled! It's too large to post all at once, so I'm attaching the top half here, and the bottom half in the reply.

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    Here's the bottom half.
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      While not nearly perfect in any way, this is what i have used in the past.


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        Thanks for the replies. I think I'll give it another day or two since we have so many folks from Canada on the site. Maybe I'll get lucky and find someone who can handle it. If that doesn't produce results, I'll try Daniella. Thanks again for your time.



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          Well its obviously a birth, death or marriage certificate. I'll get my mother on the job Ed.


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            My view is that its a copy extract from a parish register for a birth. Its from the parish of St Joan Chrysostome which is in Quebec. Not too sure on the date but I'll take a stab at 1946, but a lot of the handwriting defeats me. I've no doubt some site member can wring a bit more from it Ed.

            I'm assuming the parish is in Quebec but of course there may be many parishes in France itself named after the saint. Your probably related to fur trappers Ed !
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              French canadian needed ?

              I'll gladly do the translation tonight.


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                Hi Ed!

                ....Italian (mother tongue) .... English, German and Spanish... and the translation you need is in French...


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                  Best shot (late at night + rusty in French + never been good at handwriting):

                  Extract from the register of baptisms, marriages and burials performed at St. Jean Chrysotome, diocese of Valleyfield, for the year 1874.
                  31 August 1874
                  We have baptised Marie Anne Emma daughter of Dominique Dupuis, [carrier?]
                  and of Emma Racicot of this parish
                  the godfather was Isaie Racicot [carrier?] grandfather of the child
                  and the godmother Julie Luscier wife of Charles Dufrais (or Dupuis?) [something] of this parish.
                  The father and the godfather have signed:
                  Isaie Racicot does not know how to sign
                  Dominique Dupois
                  Celebrant L.L. Pomminrille Stucure
                  Which extract we confirm as conforming with the original preserved in the files of the parish of St. Jean Chrysotome, 10 October 1985.


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                    Very good work, Leah. Almost identical as the copy I just sent to Ed.

                    What's 'stucure' ? Never seen this word and it's not in the Merriam-Webster's dictionary I've got.


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                      Thanks very much for all the replies. I did receive the e-mail, but for some reason there was no translation in it. But that's OK because Leah did an excellent job. I really appreciate the time you people took for me.

                      Hi Flora Wilth a name like Ladendorf, I just might be looking you up for a translation from German!

                      I'm not sure of the date either, but I'm sure it was sometime in the 1800s. Possibly 1846?

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                        ....any time....Ed!


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