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Image theft on the web???

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  • Image theft on the web???

    have read a lot of messages in various forums about having a photographer's images stolen when they are posted on the web.

    People are going to the extreme of having huge "PROOF" symbols across the image, and posting only images so small that they cannot be printed / enlarged successfully.

    Is this really a problem? What do people do with stolen images?

    I would assume that if someone is posting images on the web that they want them to be seen by as many people as possible. Do people actually put some pictures to unauthorized use? If so - what kind of use?

    I would like to hear from the pros (obviously anyone can feel free to reply) - what sorts of problems do you encounter?

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    You may want to check out this thread started by Clare. She also started another after she updated her site. I suggest that you contact her directly.


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      I have always felt if you are concerned about your images don't post them, but when you put things across the image (easilt removed with PS) or make them so small or such bad resolution they cahn't be seen properly, then why even bother.
      If you have a great images you can watermark it and make it traceable, then can in a second find out anybody that has used it and go after them for copyright infringement.
      As student you can use work you get off the web for instructional; purposes, and I as many other students do that.
      Often times when I find a neat image I want to fool around with I email the person and ask permission, explaining I am a student and will not be gaining any monetary compensation for the image,
      I have never been denied permission to use somebodys photo.


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        I had done images for my companies web sight several years ago, for products we offered. As I was working on optimizing the site I had decided to use --- only to find out they had posted my images to show a representation of the product ---- we had not signed up for price grabber yet! LOL

        At first I was mad, then figured "it was a compliment" --- I now feel if I post it on the web it's up for grabs, that includes images, coding, scripts and so on. That is what the www is all about. -- IMHO


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          Hi Toad,

          This is a subject that is still very close to my heart. It is very upsetting to see your work exhibited in a less than favorable fashion expecally if it is not the way you conceptualized your images being used. As a photographer and artist I take copyright seriously, and I personally think that anyone who creates something should have the right to exhibit without the worry of your copyright being abused. Saying that I do live in the real world and realise that by displaying work on the web there is the possibility of a few morons stealing it and using it for their purposes.

          I took the option of displaying across all my images so that even if I am unaware of someone using my images they are inadvertantly advertising my work and website.

          I still have images used from my site and I do indever to contact the web host and ask them to remove of copyright my work... at times I have had to resort to threatening sueing them and blacklisting them from their server

          Saying that I also get email from student that are wanting to use my work and I always endevor to help them - they are our future photographers and artists and should be encouraged.

          Hope this is of help



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            Thanks for the info - so how do you find out that your images are being used by someone?

            I am probably safe - my stuff is weird enough that people won't want to be associated with it - but still...


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              Hi toad,

              If my images are being directly accessed from my site then it comes up as a sponging site on my hosts statistical information that I recieve weekly and can also access on the web. I also name my images with cryptic nonsence titles and do searches for them on the web - of course this doesn't stop anyone downloading and changing the names but some people don't think to change the file name and then you got 'em! I also change these titles every couple of months to deter the spongers.

              I am not totally against the use of my images on other sites as long as I have given a lease of copyright or a fee is paid by the site owner. I have found by work being used by people in both good and bad ways, all of these must be looked upon as publicity - and who can deny that they would prefer good to bad publicity?

              You produce good creative art and don't assume just because it is not the norm that people will be less inclined to use it - that is the mistake I made in the beginning, it almost felt like the more bizare the work the more desireable it was.....



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                This topic comes up a lot on the Macromedia Dreamweaver user group.

                The overall consensus is that if it's a valuable image you must keep for yourself, don't post it on the web.

                One workaround that I know of... you could post your images as one-frame Flash movies. You can't copy and paste a flash movie. But then you need to buy Flash, learn to use it, etc, etc....


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                  Even flash is not foolproof if someone really wants to take the image. All they have to do is printscreen.



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