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Turn out your pockets (May 2003)

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  • Turn out your pockets (May 2003)

    Haven't we passed the May 2003 donation drive date?

    (Nov 2002)

    To the new folks, remember that this site survives on donations.

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    Good catch Al - way to stay on top of things!

    For those of you who are new to the site, we had a discussion about what it takes to run this site in this thread around the time of the last fundraising drive.

    In the last two updates, Doug mentioned that he had to remove the archives because we've run up against disk space limits. Luckily, the last fundraising drive will cover the additional disk space we need. (Doug is just waiting for the webhost to offer a package with more disk space.) As the site continues to grow, we are going to need more and more disk space (which costs $$) - or start deleting things. It really is up to all of us to help keep this site alive. It has gotten big enough that Doug can't do it all himself.

    I know that I learn new tips & tricks almost every time I log on to RetouchPro. I've learned more here than I have from all of the books sitting on my shelves. If you feel the same, please consider sending a donation to Doug so that this site can continue growing. (If you prefer to send a check, PM Doug for his address.)

    I realize that not everyone has extra funds, but any amount really does help. In one of the threads mentioned above, Doug mentioned that if every member sent just $1, we'd be halfway to the yearly cost of a dedicated server (and all the disk space we want!) That was six months ago, and if server prices are the same as they were then, we have enough members to fully cover the cost of a dedicated server with a $1 donation by each. So, don't think your donation doesn't count. When added to everyone else's, big things can happen!

    Thanks for your support!



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      Just to keep this thread on top.

      Let's try to push thru our donations by 31 May. I think it's useful for Doug If he does get a lump sum every once in a while.


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        Well worth the donation!!!

        Good People
        Wondergul Images
        Easy Tut's

        Thank you Doug, and all the other people who dontate their time!


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          I haven't been around too much lately (super busy!). When the new month rolls around in a few days, I'll be sending mine in. It's a real bargain.



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            Just sent mine in...thanks for the reminder Al!


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              Just sent mine in!

              Well worth a few bucks for the fun, the company, the learning, the sharing.

              Let's keep our favorite website up and running!


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                Originally posted by Fishboy
                Ed- Did Winston Bennett play for Pitino...sounds like some stuff you hear out of Huggin's boys.
                Sorry Fishboy. Can't help you with that one.



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                  Just a few?

                  I really wish folks wouldn't keep asking that we send "a few bucks" or mention how much help "just $1" from each member would be. Wording like this makes it sound like a fair contribution should/could/would be rather small..."just a few bucks."

                  It's a fact of human communication that how we word our thoughts is very important in the meaning others take from it, and I think we could all think, and talk, a little bigger when it comes to financial support of this wonderful site. I like the way a few folks put it when they suggested Retouchpro is worth at least as much as a new Photoshop book, for example. That's way more than "a few bucks." and it should be.

                  Just my two cents.

                  Errr... that is... I mean...don't let my mentioning "two cents" give you any ideas here.



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                    Thanks for mentioning this Phyllis. I too value of RP as much as (actually more) than a book and contribute accordingly. I also know that some people are in tough financial situations - hence the comment that every bit helps. Perhaps I should have said, "Think about the value of RP to you - the knowledge learned, the community, etc. - and then contribute as much as you can for the value you're receiving." (Or perhaps next time there's an NPR pledge drive I should be writing down some of their pleas. )

                    Anyway, while it's true that any amount helps, it's also true that the greater the contributions, the greater Doug's ability to make the site even better than it already is! So please, be as generous as you can.



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                      And we have to take into account that there's only a certain number of members who will contribute anything at all. Some members don't even take part in RP anymore. So just send in whatever you feel comfortable with. It is all appreciated by everyone on the site.



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                        Hey, the timing for this one worked out well, just when the canadian dollar went up!! I'll be sending my donation in as soon as I can, I've become really busy so I haven't been able to spend as much time as I used to here, but I still lurk and join in whenever I can, this continues to me an amazing site.

                        - David


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                          I will send mine soon through

                          I think I read somewhere (correct me if I'm wrong) that Doug or this site get's a percentage of purchases from I would like to buy the upgrade version of Painter 8. How do I go about it so Doug benefits from my purchase?
                          I also buy other stuff from (like DVD's). Can he also get a portion of this sale?



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                            Software products that are listed in this site's Review section have a link to Amazon for purchase. Since I didn't see Painter 8 listed in that section, you may need to have it added to the list in order to give Doug a % when purchasing.

                            I'd send Doug a PM (Private Message) or ask a moderator.

                            Let's keep this thread going -- Donate to keep RetouchPRO going strong! Click on "Support" on the fly-in menu.
                            Last edited by CJ Swartz; 05-27-2003, 08:46 PM.


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                              I never know what my appropriate response should be for threads like this. I fear that if I say anything at all, I'll end up looking either moneygrubbing or ungreatful. And if I don't say anything (which is my first reaction) I fear I'll appear aloof. So I'll just say thanks to everyone, and promise yet again that any and all funds received will go directly back into maintaining and improving RP.
                              Learn by teaching
                              Take responsibility for learning


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