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  • What have you done?

    Have you done anything other than working with images to try to find a little peace, or find some sort of normalcy? Yesterday, as I was driving locally, I noticed some of the beauty of nature. Flowers, and even blooming weeds took on a new light. I've been trying to find a little comfort in seeing things a little differently than I used to. There is a lot of beauty out there. You just have to look for it, and when you see it, it gives a small feeling of comfort.


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    Apart from donating to the cause or hanging my flag out, we have maintained our spending as though nothing happened. I even went out and bought some new clothes today and it really felt good to do my part for the economy.

    But most of all I notice I reach out and talk to people around me whether in stores or on the streets and I know before last week I probably wouldn't have done that. Everyone is so friendly and there is a bond there that has never been before. It feels so good just to connect with each other. And I treasure my family who I realize I am lucky to have with me when others are parted or will be because of the events to come. I take each moment as if it were the last. It has changed us all for sure and brought us together and made our lives so much more precious. Isn't that in itself a priceless tribute to the souls who died?

    And finally, even though all this has happened, I don't feel hatred.


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      much introspection.

      considering on what i base my sense of security, or, indeed, my life. the smoking heap of rubble that was the world trade center is an effective picture of the folly of placing my ultimate trust in anything man can do.

      "in the world you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world" Jn. 16:33


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        Aside from deliberately seeking out comedy movies my biggest step was spending several hours at our local botanic gardens. I needed some beauty and life-affirmation in my eyes. It worked, in spite of my sunburn.
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          I've been busy cleaning house, doing laundry and working as I normally would do. I do notice as I drive down the country roads and highway that things look a lot better than they did about a week ago.


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            With winter coming on, building up the wood pile, getting the set lines ready for fall fishing before Ice-in, preparing to fill the freezer with the next years meat supply, canning and watching the neighbor repair his swather after cutting 200 acres of hay and gopher mounds. Tom


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              For two weeks after seeing the destruction first-hand, as my office building was in view of the WTC, I was incapable of doing much other than working out my feelings using Paint Shop Pro.

              Last week, we went to Cape Cod in Massachusetts,
              a vacation that we had planned last spring. I wanted to cancel it, but my husband thought we should get away. It took everything I had to get up some amount of desire to go on the trip, but we went. We spent most of our time viewing the natural beauty of Cape Cod Bay from the condo we had rented. Also we toured the dunes of the National Seashore and a salt marsh. It was very peaceful for us.

              We're back now, and we have some beautiful photos to remind us of the serinity and beauty that is found in nature.


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                Glad you went Lorraine. Seems like you really found the peace and serenity you so desperately needed at that time. We all seem to have found our own ways of coping but for those so close to the disaster it holds a very different meaning. For the rest of the country, we are hurt but our backyards are still unscathed so we can move on with our lives quicker. But for those who's everyday view was forever changed, I think this will be a much longer healing process.


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                  Thanks so much DJ. We, who are physically impacted by the terrorist attacks, are taking so much solace at the outpouring of unity and generosity of everyone in the United States. Right after the attack, we donated money to various local organizations. My husband and I were gathering clothing and other necessary items for the rescue workers in New York when we were told the remarkable, heart-warming news that so many donations had come from all over the country that material goods were no longer needed.

                  Yes, the trip did wonders for me, but now I'm still facing the loss of co-workers and co-worker's family members -- worst of all, my immediate supervisor's 26 year-old son.

                  Retouch Pro and all you wonderful people here have become a haven for me during this time. Here's one for all of you -- unretouched sunset on the beach on Cape Cod Bay. Thank you all.
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                    Wow, beautiful place to gather your thoughts. I can see why your husband thought it would be good medicine.


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                      I too am glad you got the chance to take the trip. Like Debbie said, it has to be *much* harder for those who were close to it. I'm sure you needed to get away for a while. Very nice shot you took. Thinking about the good things in life might be the best medicine.



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