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Here's to the moderators and the janitor

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  • Here's to the moderators and the janitor

    It's no secret that the moderators and Doug don't get the thanks they deserve. Without the generous donation of the moderators time, Doug wouldn't be able to keep the site going -- at least not in it's current state. The moderators are all listed in the "Testing" forum, and they apear in this order: Chris, Danny, Debbie, Greg, Jak, Jeanie, Richard, and TPaul. So I just wanted to give a big "THANK YOU" to the moderators listed, and to Doug, the janitor. Sometimes it's good to hear that you're doing a good job.

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    My favorite place on the internet would not exist without Doug.

    My favorite place on the internet would not run well without Chris, DJ, Jeanie, TPaul, Greg, Danny, Jak and Richard. Thanks to you, Ed, for the months you worked as a moderator.


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      Big --- BIG thumbs up to our host Doug ---

      To our moderators

      I thank you ALL for your donated time ---
      I know time is the most precious of all gifts !!!! And I thank you ALL for your gift!


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        I too would like to give my thanks! As Jill can let anyone know I was a photoshop flunky! She tried for so long and hard to teach me and almost gave up (I am unteachable). Jill found this site and introduced me to it and we both are amazed at what we have learned. Thank you all for you for all your help and kind words. Doug you RULE!
        The rest of the monerator group RULE also!


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          Thank's everyone!'s tough work- long hours, no pay and Doug makes us work on weekends as well!

          In all seriousness, this site pretty much runs itself as far as we moderators go (Doug on the other hand has a chain keeping him locked to the computer at all times!)'s always nice to log on and see lots of posts by people helping and advising each other. If someone can come to this site, find help and learn something new, then we have all succeeded...moderators, members and janitors!

          So...thanks...but pat yourselves on the back as well!


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            Originally posted by CJ Swartz
            Thanks to you, Ed, for the months you worked as a moderator.

            I guess it would only be proper to say "You're welcome", but when I was moderator, life was very easy. I did very little that the members didn't do. And some of them, like you, were more important to the site than I was, so a big "Thank *You*" right back at ya.



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              My hat's off to them as well, the Moderators and Doug. I don't know how they find the time. I know I have trouble finding the time to do a lot of things. So thanks guys.

              Hey Ed that quote hurts. I have knee pain, in my knees thank goodness, and may be looking at knee surgury. Maybe I will get lucky and they can doctor it up and avoid the knife work. Anyway I am glad my knee pain doesn't hurt anywhere else.