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  • An appropriate photo

    I was just looking through some of my old images, and found one of my uncle (that's right - uncle!) taken about 1912. What better time to show the world?
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    Very nice picture (glad you said uncle)

    But admit it, you colorized it, didn't you?
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      What a priceless photo Ed. Adorable little Uncle you got there. It goes to show History does repeat itself. You see alot of kids today wearing the same pattern.


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        Cute picture Ed.

        Nice job colorizing too!


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          GREAT photo, Ed! I've got one of my grandfather taken around the same time period I think. He's not dressed in RW&B, but he's in a dress with pigtails. All of his grandchildren love the photo, but he always hated it! I'm so glad he never ripped it up.



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            I think with the type of image it is, it would probably look just as good without colour. Your eye would naturally be drawn to the flag without colour so I'm not sure what colour 'adds' to it. Probably just a person prefrence more than anything.


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