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  • Call her FrankenJulia.

    Don't know if this belongs here or under ethics! This month's REDBOOK is on the news stands now and it's making news for retouch pros! Pick up a copy to see how bad the real pros can botch up things! :-)

    A clip from the news -

    The unkindest cut
    'n' paste for Julia

    'Real Julia'? It sure isn't — Redbook editors cobbled together two photos of Ms. Roberts for the July cover.
    Call her FrankenJulia.

    Just one month after Redbook angered Jennifer Aniston by piecing together parts of her body from different photos and printing the composite on the cover, the mag has rejiggered Julia Roberts.

    For the July issue, Redbook surgeons lopped off Roberts' head from one shot and attached it to a picture of her body - that is, the one she had four years ago.

    "Based on her hairstyle, her head comes from the January 2002 People's Choice Awards," said a source close to Roberts. "Her body seems to be from the premiere of 'Notting Hill'" - which opened in London in April 1999, when the actress wore the glittery red dress shown.

    While some women might actually enjoy being pictured with the body they had four years ago, Roberts' camp is horrified. It might have to do with the fact that the head was attached a mite too low, making Roberts' swanlike neck appear a bit squat.

    Ironically, the cover line reads: "The Real Julia."

    A Hearst corporate spokeswoman admits: "In an effort to make a cover that would pop on the newsstand, we combined two different shots of Julia Roberts. We acknowledge that we may have gone too far and hope that Ms. Roberts will accept our apology."

    In fairness, the issue was put to bed before the Aniston imbroglio caused Redbook editor Ellen Kunes to end the puzzle-piecing practice on future covers of the mag, which has a circulation of 2.35 million.

    Roberts' spokeswoman Marcy Engelman would say only: "It's a shame they didn't use the body that went with the head, because it was a great Giorgio Armani pantsuit."

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