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    It's funny sometimes how a community starts or comes about.
    I saw a show on TV the other night about society and communities. It was very interesting how they catagorized the definitions of community. Geographical, political, religious, and of all things Internet!
    I thought of this community when they brought that up. I belong to other Internet groups (mostly animal rescue) and always felt we were a community with a cause, but this community is different. It is an artistic community with a very diverse group of people from many different walks of life. This is a community of sharing, learning, and teaching. It is a very relaxing place to express yourself. It allows each of us to give a piece of who we are to a group of strangers and not be afraid. To me that is a very unique group of people in a very unique community.

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    ...a community of sharing, learning, and teaching. It is a very relaxing place to express yourself. It allows each of us to give a piece of who we are to a group of strangers and not be afraid.

    I believe that you have described the heart of this place very well.
    When I first started visiting this forum many months ago, I figured it would be like all the others that I had visited -- some good information surrounded by bickering between members and "flaming" posts at the drop of a disagreement. I stayed quietly lurking for a day or so while reading posts about how different people handled a Restoration or Retouching Challenge, and then I realized that I hadn't seen a meanly critical or angry post. Could it be?! I started gingerly posting on safe topics and then joined in on responding to others' Challenge submissions. Still no "flames".

    The important part of your description is truly the heart of the matter -- "allows each of us to give a piece of who we are ... and not be afraid." That has become our calling card, in my mind. When a newbie is brave enough to post a question, or post a try at a Challenge, members welcome that person with kindness and good will. That tradition must be maintained by each and every member for this community to stay the safe place it has been.

    Even though we come from diverse backgrounds, we do share a common cause, just as animal lovers do, etc. We love the visual, the expression that images offer when we see them, when we create them, when we manipulate them. We enjoy the power and beauty of imagery, and respect that part of each of us that shares in those feelings.


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      The show was very interesting, I hope they air it again, I did not get to see all of it.

      "You cut yourself off from to many diverse people, techniques and tools."

      Yes - that is a very true statement.


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        Although I am pretty new here, I have spent some time perusing this site. I found this site by accident and am very glad that I did. Every once in awhile i wander out into the cyber world looking for photoshop sites that are useful and post links to them on my site in the hope of helping others.

        What sets this site apart from others is the simple fact that there is a continual flow of ideas along with descriptions of how things were achieved. Everyone gets along and there is no aura of competition and the bitterness that competition breeds.

        You have no idea how refreshing that is! I have no idea who any of you are and perhaps I never will but I am happy to have met you here and look forward to a continuing learning experience. This site could very well be the poster child for internet communities!

        back to your regular programming.....


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          As I read through these posts I remembered a quote my mother in law gave me just last weekend. I find it very appropriate right about now.

          We could all learn a lot from crayons:
          Some are sharp, some pretty, some are dull, some have weird names, and all are different colors..........but,
          thay all have to learn to live in the same box



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            Ken - I guess mom - or in this case, "mom-in-law" knows best.

            Funny in the show they tried to point this type of concept out within communities.
            Must say your mother-in-law stated it in better terms! LOL


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              what a family!

              Ken, I love that analogy! It's so perfect for this group. I could add another small point to it by saying that some of the crayons clash too. But yet, bottom line is they all have to live in the same box.

              I've started looking at all of us as a family. Same scenario as the crayons, everyone's different in their own way. We respect each for their own distinct personalities, even if we don't get along. I know we all have the one relative we don't get along with. But, we're still a family, and families stick together.

              I watched us the last few weeks as we're going through some rough spots. We'll always have great times and so-so times. I just hope that we all get back to our happy-go-lucky selves. (Where's those Marine jokes when you need them?) I come to really love this "family" and I love the fun we have. It just hasn't been the same lately.

              Okay, enough preachin'. I agree with all of you -- this is a great place to learn, share, and teach. This is by far the best forum I've come across. Jeff said it best, "This site could very well be the poster child for internet communities!"

              What can I say... "I love ya man!"


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