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  • Fake or Real

    Here's an interesting one!

    Have to admit that I'm not qualified for determining fakes when the print is on the screen and not in my hand unless it was done by a "less than qualified" graphic artist! I only got 7 of these right.

    Your turn digital experts! :-)
    Jim Conway

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    I got 7 right also, and I think I'm very proud of being able to get that many.


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      Now that was fun! Thanks.
      So I guess I'll have to admit my score here.

      I got 5 correct ---

      --- so I guees I am 1/2 as good as I thought! LOL


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        That was fun! I got 9 right. I missed on the nails. When I went back and looked again, I could see what should have given it away.

        Thanks for posting that.



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          8 out of 10... not too bad.


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            Jim....Nice site thnx for sharing it with us. I really like seeing how everyone has done with the "Fake or Real"quiz. I can not believe I did better then my sister (TwinbNJ). I got 7 out of 10. When I went back and took a second look two out of the three still looked real to me.
            Had fun.



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              <false modesty>I got 10 out of 10!</false modesty>.

              Drat! Why can't I achieve that level of luck when (e.g.) buying lottery tickets?

              I was very impressed at the standard of the "fakes", though...


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                I think the first thing to strike me was the water drops, which look just that little bit too much like the water drops you get in those "how to create realistic looking water drops" tutorials.

                Then I think it was the little sticky uppy blade about 3/4 of the way along the bottom, which didn't convince me - I'm sure that you can have "unconvincing" blades of real grass too, but this prompted me to notice the very similar blade just to the left and behind the first one, and think "hmmm".

                And there was something about the depth-of-field that just didn't seem "right", although I can't put my finger on what.

                I also wasn't entirely convinced by the shade of green - I know you can get pretty much any shade of grass anyway, and by the time you've added in different lighting conditions and film emulsions you can *definitely* get any shade, so I wouldn't have based a decision on that, but combined with the other factors it made me pretty sure.

                Or maybe I've just watched "A Bug's Life" once too often...


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                  Well, in real life the whole thought process went something like "Woooah, GREEN! Those drops don't look right, And there's something odd about the whole thing. That little blade looks suspicious, too... I'll go for fake on this one.", so probably about 10 seconds (experience has taught me to go with first impressions).

                  Of course, when you asked me to articulate it I had to go back and look at it again to remember what had bugged me the first time.


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                    cool! thanks for the link, that's interesting. I got 6 out of 10 correct.

                    - David


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                      5 out of 10 correct.... haha. That's fun tho.. thank you for the link


                      (who feels she should put disclaimer in signature "Im New here" hehe... its a great site, I really enjoy it!! Wish I had more time to participate but I am drawn back time after time


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                        Jim, that was fun. I got eight out of ten. And one of the ones I got wrong I didnt' follow what I thought originally. I followed what I thought had been done as opposed to what I saw. Oh well.



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