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You might be addicted to photoshop if......

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  • You might be addicted to photoshop if......

    you have installed one of these.

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    LOL worry me.


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      I've got a mini-fridge next to my desk. Maybe I need one of these, too.

      Seems like a timely opportunityto share a little trivia... The inventor of the "modern" flush toliet was John Crapper.

      Really! No [kidding].


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        If that "chair" had a more comfortable backrest, it would be handy at times. But I'd either have to go back to wearing those PJ's with the flap or...


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          I moved my computer in the bathroom so I could save time and installed a turbo flush system.


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            I dunno, I think my feet would go to sleep
            Learn by teaching
            Take responsibility for learning


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              Ken - now that is funny! LOL
              I guess I'm not that bad , YET.

              Hope you don't mind just had to add a few others....

              " You know your addicted to Photoshop when ….. "

              1.) Someone shows you his or her photo albums – and you’re just looking for a good image to do photo art on.

              2.) You know what Anisotropic is and how to use it.

              3.) You start saying Effie you

              4.) A cruise must include a PS workshop

              5.) When food shopping your husband asks – “what kind of PS snacks you want to pick up for tonight?”

              6.) You look for the release of Trimoons CD with more anticipation than the next Harry Potter book.

              7.) You have a choice, clean the house or play in PS ----
              Of course you play’d in PS, so now you have dust bunnies critiquing your work.

              Finally -----
              8.) When watching TV someone asks you to change the channel
              – You reply “Red, Green or Blue?”
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                7.) You have a choice, clean the house or play in PS ----
                Of course you play’d in PS, so now you have dust bunnies critiquing your work. -- Jill
                Too funny!
                P.S. I love bunnies!!

                Finally -----
                8.) When watching TV someone asks you to change the channel
                – You reply “Red, Green or Blue?”


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                  I heard that's gonna be a standard, not optional, item with Photoshop 8.0.



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                    Uh Oh Jill.... I can totaly relate to number one on your list.



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                      Would not seem so bad if all of them did not relate to me!

                      Thank goodness I have not installed Ed's latest version of PS 8.0!


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                        A photo of Adobe's new "Undo" feature for PS 8.0...shown alongside the more powerful "History" brush tool....
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                          Ha Ha Ha Ha --- ROTFLMAO !!!!!

                          Oh! toooo funny - I may think twice before this upgrade!
                          ---But on second thought - those are some POWERFUL TOOLS!


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                            Anyone notice how this threads went right down the toilet ??


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                              Boy... stay away a couple of days to actually do some work and look what happens! I'm with Jill here... ROTFLMAO!

                              So here's the real question...

                              What do you do when the dust bunnies gather in such numbers that they're starting up a union!?!


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