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Please Note: Charities

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  • Please Note: Charities

    Any and all requests for or links to charitable organisations will be deleted.
    Last edited by chris h; 07-22-2003, 12:14 PM.

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    Gads my good fellow, how is a shiftless type suppost to make ends meet without the occasional shameless sniveling and pathetic appeal to those better off than him or her self?
    I was just about to issue an urgent appeal to send lots and lots of money to my Philanthropic Institute which specalizes in providing Housing, refreshments and friendly games of chance for lonely Cowboys and homeless female waifs of dubious moral integrity. Guess I shall have to turn them all out into the cold of a Montana winter and hope they find a warm barn or Prairie dog burrow to curl up in until the warm winds of spring begin to blow. The Cowboys, alas, will probably return to unsavory activities involving poetry readings and ice cream socials.
    Chris, you have undone the work of a life time......Tom


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      Sorry Tom its back to knife sharpening and preaching on the leafy back lanes of Montana for you!

      P.S. See the film 'Night of the Hunter' with Robert Mitchum for pointers!
      Last edited by chris h; 08-06-2003, 02:47 AM.


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        Hey Tom
        by Ed_L
        I was just wondering if you were able to make any headway at all with the irrigation problem. That sounds like it could be a job to take up the whole summer. Will you be able to have a garden this year, or is that out of the question?

        06-06-2002, 08:01 PM
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        Future of picture developing
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        Hi there,

        My girlfriend is really into photography and she wants to open a photography shop (developing films, selling cameras, etc).
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        Yo, Sam, over here

        This is the Salon forum, where its just friendly chatter.

        So, what's it like there? You have cable? Indoor plumbing? All the modern conveniences?
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        Recently discovered M and Dr. Mabuse by Fritz Lang. I have been meaning to get into some B&W oldies and these two kept popping up. I gave them a view.

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        I'm going to Tampa tomorrow to the Moffitt...
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