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  • New website for artists...

    For those interested, I am in the process of creating a website for digital artists -

    It's focused primarily on "Digital Printmaking". What exactly do I mean by that?... think of printmaking in art terms- Woodcuts, Lithography, Etchings, Serigraphy, etc... and then add Digital to that mix. More and more artists are starting to experiment with Digital techniques and a few are even beginning to integrate digital work into more traditional media.

    Part of the reason why I created this new site was because of this one. RetouchPro was really the first experience I had with an actual online community...well, one that did not feel like a bunch of bickering children anyway! As some of you know, I have a background in art and my interest for digital image making and traditional art has led to a desire to see a similar "community" type website for those interested in this new art-form. There is not much there at the moment, but I am intending for the site to have a few characteristic of an e-zine to go along with the forum, gallery, review areas, etc. To that end, I will be accepting and posting things like articles and interviews (and paying authors for accepted submissions).

    The site is not meant for posting photo-art...number one, I can't afford the space required for such a site and second, the site is not really meant for photo-art in the same sense as we have here. (Besides, Danny does a pretty good job...why mess with a good thing!? ) It's really about printmaking and the tools used to create fine art prints, whether they are photographs, photo manipulation, machine-art, digital collage, mixed media, etc.... There is an area for posting images and a critique area similar to the one here, but I really discourage "filter abuse" and the practice of altering or creating different versions of other's work. (nothing wrong with it...just not the thing for my site) So, if you have an interest in Digital fine-art, Digital printmaking, art reproduction, etc...or you just want to see what on earth I am talking about, head on over!

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    Greg, I took a quick peek. Very impressive, congratulations. I will head over again when I have a little more time.



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      Very good looking site, Greg!


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        Looks wonderful Greg - Congratulations! Bet my buddies over at would love the join. Best of luck.



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          Greg, really like what you've done.

          I admire your work in putting all the pieces together. I tried PostNuke, but for some reason I abandoned it for something else. After I see what you have done, I'll go back and give it another try.



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            Greg -- an impressive undertaking!

            Congratulations on your new creation, and best wishes for it's success. I have no idea what works you folks will be creating, so I'll have to visit just to learn something about it.


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              Thanks everyone! I am looking for a "featured artist of the month" if anyone is interested...or knows someone interested. I have had a few very experienced artists approach me about it, which is wonderful, but I want to open the door to new artists and students as well.

              Margaret - The PostNuke stuff has been anything but easy...Had there been an official portal (CMS) for vBulletin, I probably would have spent the money for it. As is, PostNuke is still pretty powerful and stable...until you start adding custom modules to it! I have my fingers crossed at the moment, that it does not come crashing down around me as I continue to make minor tweaks!

              CJ - I have no idea what sort of work is going to end up there either!


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                Congratulations, Greg
                Being a Digital Printmaker myself, I look forward to seeing your site grow.



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                  Margaret - The PostNuke stuff has been anything but easy...Had there been an official portal (CMS) for vBulletin, I probably would have spent the money for it.
                  I feel your pain I have been looking (without any luck) for a gallery/forum/CMS/calendar that would all work together without requiring separate logins. Maybe I'll have to write my own

                  You've done a good job with what you used, again, congrats.



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