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Too much media coverage since 9-11?

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  • Too much media coverage since 9-11?

    Just curious, but since the disaster of September 11, has all the media coverage helped you be more informed or is it giving you too much news and scaring the heck out of you? I know I am still eager to know what's going on but sometimes there is so much news going on that it gets a bit over whelming. Not to mention living here in Boca Raton, Florida feels a bit unnerving. That building that was shut down is across the street from where my husband works. I know there is little to no risk of this desease but hearing it over and over gets to be a bit much. It amazes me how much the world can change in the course of one day. Makes me long for those days when the big news was coverage on Elian Gonzolas or OJ Simpson.

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    Sitting a safe distance (presumably) from most of the terrorist acts, I am still interested in checking out the news first thing in the morning and before going to bed - just to see if any new threat or deed has been reported. I'm not watching/listening for as many hours as I was, but I'm not worried by hearing a lot of "scary scenarios" laid out by some of the media. It does seem that some of the cable news anchors sound like everyone should have reason to fear daily attacks and need to tune in constantly to keep up with where the latest anthrax mail scare is located.

    I haven't noticed anyone in my neighborhood worrying too much - they had a big kid's birthday party in the greenbelt yesterday and all were having a noisy good time. We're definitely still flying our flags, wearing our "United We Stand" t-shirts, and singing patriotic songs during the 7th inning stretch (as the AZ Diamondbacks win in the 9th inning to continue on in the playoffs -- had to figure a way to get that NEWS out.)

    I'm still very concerned about protests going on in Pakistan, Egypt, etc. I'm hoping that most of the angry threats screamed against the U. S. are simply that -- angry threats, and that most of those young people have no intention of physically hurting anyone... but only Time will tell. I'm going to keep watching the news a lot more than I did before until the news goes back to boring news of political disagreements and personal scandals.


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      I think information can be a good thing, but I believe that our media gives out way too much information to the point that it risks jeopardizing our troops as well as our country. We make it too easy for the bad guys by collecting all the information and presenting it to them. The media always cries that the public has a right to know, but do we really have a right to know every single detail? Do we need to know the exact route the President took after the Sept 11th attack, or how many military aircraft we have, where they are, their weaknesses and so on. Is it really important for us to know how easy it is to get past airport security, the ways to do it, and which airports have the weakest security set-ups and so on. I knew military friends in the Gulf War who found out that their ship was being deployed from CNN first. In fact, that is a common joke with the military…just turn on CNN to find out what we are going to do next. I especially hate slow news days as that’s when they really start digging up facts to act as filler. I think some common sense should come into effect; yes there is freedom of speech, but to what point does it verge on sacrificing national security?

      (*gets off soapbox and throws two cents on table*)


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        I was thinking the same thing. I think they not only tell us about current threats and our risks but they explain to the terrorists how to do a better job of it or what our weak points are etc. Nothing like giving them ideas.

        I think most Americans feel the same way about not needing to know every detail on our troop movements but the news is a compeditive business and it becomes dog eat dog to get that first bone of info and scoop every one else. Just hope they use their heads when it comes to the safety of our young military troops.


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          I guess I listen to the news to keep up with the current events...I do not care to listen to speculation and that seems to be what the news is reporting now days....I do wish they would get their facts together acurately before giving any kind of report....their inaccurate reporting seems to be causing more worry.

          I do agree with all of you in that the news should not be reporting military information on an attack until after the attack...not before....and they certainly should not be reporting on any military strategy, equipment pluses and minuses, etc.

          That is not what I tune in to listen to...I want to know if there was an attack and where and when...not how many planes we have and what their capabilities are.


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            We had this problem during the Falklands campaign where the media compromised certain attacks and cost lives. Two friends of mine were in the Parachute regiment and in true fashion heard what they were going to do from the BBC World Service before they got their orders from their officers. They were not amused but they came through unscathed.


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              I think sometimes the race to get the story over rides common sense. How are things going in the UK? Are you guys getting alot of terrorist threats there too? I know they named Blair as a target but I was wondering if the population are having the same problems we are with threats and worse the panic it's causing.


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                I think it's good to know what's going on, but after the initial attack we were glued to the TV for a few days. I don't think it's good for anyone to just listen to it 24 hours a day. I also agree that the news reporters need to think about what they are reporting, if for no other reason but to guard our national and military security. One other thing that I would like to know about. I guess one of the senators leaked information that shouldn't have gotten out. Why doesn't the president tell us who the jerk is? It doesn't matter if he is Democrat or Republican - just tell us. We are living our lives as we normally do. Our daughter and her husband took a plane to Orlando (Disney World vacation) this past Saturday. They will be home sometime Sunday. She called me when they got there, and said they felt very safe.



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                  There's never been any panic here to my knowledge, we've been suffering terrorist action since the 1970's by the 'hero's of the IRA.

                  I see however that your security agencies have fallen at the first fence by allowing Prince Andrew into the US. That man could take out your top leadership by simply boring them to death. Deport him at once but not back here PLEASE !!!
                  Last edited by chris h; 10-15-2001, 08:11 PM.


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                    That's right, you guys have your own terrorists to worry about don't you? Thought those reprocussions were limited to Ireland mostly but I guess they have struck the mainland too. Hope you guys don't suffer for this because you are helping us.

                    I thought they had named him but I can't for the life of me remember who they said it was. Maybe I'm wrong. I know the news has said alot of things that turned out to be false info. You really have to weed out the good information from the bad.


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