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  • Linking to another site for images

    If you take a look at this thread, you will not be able to find the image that inspired the thread. The link took you to another site to view the image. It is no longer available, and that takes a lot away from the thread for others who might not have seen it before. It's much better to attach an image to the post on *this* site, as it will be available to view in the future.


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    I guess I could have been more clear. It was not in reference to photo art, but for threads like the one mentioned above. These threads are where people turn for help and education. I think a good percentage of people asking for help, then link to an outside site, wind up deleting the image after they have the answer they were looking for. This could make the thread completely useless for others in the future. Unless Doug has changed his preference on this, he would like people to attach images (at least this type) on this site. I agree that not every image that is posted should be kept forever. Many are just for a short time showing.



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