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  • What Do in Your Spare Time?

    Just curious as to peoples' other interests that don't involve photo retouching / restoration etc. I guess I will go first. I love to draw when I get time, wondering around outside somewhere noticing little 'simple' things (like the way and joy a little kid is eating an ice-cream), hanging out with friends and going to the movies. How about others?

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    I do a little woodworking, and when the weather is right, a little gardening. My wife is really the gardener in the family - I just do the grunt work! My son and I built an addition on my home two years ago, and last year, we built one on his. I enjoy that kind of work, but I don't do it often. Keeping our home in shape, and enjoying our large family pretty much rounds off the list.



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      hey matt,

      variations on the theme of your question have appeared in other posts here, especially

      here, here, here, and here

      also, many people have posted in the introductions section and have included something about their outside interests.

      sure am glad to have you in our company, your input has been really helpful and hope you will continue, you add a lot. also, your web-site and as much of your other work as i had time to check out show you're a gifted fellow.

      another place with a lot of info on people's interests is also in salon - regards from the uk, but you'll need all night if you start at the beginning.