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  • Your oldest Photoshop book

    Mine is Real World Photoshop 3.

    What's your oldest Photoshop book?
    Learn by teaching
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    Boy, I wish there was a market for these old books. I started with 3.0. My main book was Adobe Photoshop Tutorial Version 3.0. I didn't start buying books until 4.0. First was Photoshop For Windows by Elaine Weinmann & Peter Lourekas. Pretty good. Next I went with Adobe Photoshop 4 Interactive Course. It was an online tutorial. Signed up for a while but ended up mainly using it for reference. When I upgraded to 5.0 I really went crazy. Too many to list. I still look on them as an investment although when I add up what I spent it is kind of scarry.



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      My first book was one of those larger than a phone book instruction user manuals = Adobe Photoshop 6

      You never need more than one of those.

      The book that is the oldest in terms of when it was first released is Photoshop Channel Chops by Biedny, Monroy and Moody


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        Photoshop 3 Filters and Effects
        Photoshop 3 Knock Their Socks Off

        - - - - - - -

        These were acquired for their content, not because I was using PS3 a the time (PS 5.5 - fyi).


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          The oldest I still have is the Photoshop User Guide for version 2, with The Photoshop Wow Book (no numbers, but says it's for version 2.5) a close second. My Photoshop Bible for v2 and v3 have long since been given away, and most of the many v3 books were bought after v4 came out, and I got them at a discount (I skipped v4; it didn't offer anything I thought I needed.)

          The user pamphlet for Photoshop LE 1.04 (my first version) is missing. I'm pretty sure I didn't throw it out, but I can't find it anywhere--I've moved too many times since then.



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            When I started at my job (toning photos for the local newspaper, I have several years of self-taught Photoshop experience) my boss tried to get me to read a Photoshop basics book he'd gotten from a Photoshop class he took.

            I opened it up, and the 1st chapter was:

            1. Starting a New Document.
            Click on the File menu at the top left of the screen and select New.
            This dialogue box gives you the options for starting a new document. It's best to start with a square or rectangular document.

            I couldn't read any farther than that!! Square or rectangular!! As opposed to WHAT?? Circular documents? Triangular documents?

            I have browsed through that book since then, what a waste of time.

            I have finally gotten him to trust me to the point that he has stopped messing with my settings every day. (He used to change my Gray Eyedropper in Levels and Curves to a peachy shade, for setting skin tones. I prefer to do things by setting the TRUE neutral and then adjusting the saturation to get a perfect skin tone.)


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              Boingo82, you've found some interesing old threads - thank you for bringing them back to the top. I wasn't aware that you COULD change the color of the eyedroppers in the levels dialogue

              Thanks, margaret


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                Originally posted by winwintoo
                Boingo82, you've found some interesing old threads - thank you for bringing them back to the top. I wasn't aware that you COULD change the color of the eyedroppers in the levels dialogue

                Thanks, margaret
                If you simply double-click on the eyedroppers you can select the colors it assumes to be the black point, midtone, and white point. I didn't know about this either until my images started looking muddy - that's when I realized my boss had set my white point to 3%Cyan 2%Mag 2%Yellow. He read somewhere that an image should never have a true white point (Nonsense, I know!!) and was messing with my color settings. I would always notice right away and change them straight back, and a few days later he'd screw them up again.

                Sorry to drag up old threads. Some forums (like the one I mod) HATE that. I guess when you're new to a place you tend to feel the need to browse through everything, old and new, and reply to much of it. When you're an established member and you saw the old threads at inception, you don't need to see them again.


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                  If you have something useful to contribute to an old thread, I LOVE that!
                  Learn by teaching
                  Take responsibility for learning


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