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  • Howdy From Texas

    Well here's some pics of the place.

    Number 1 - yes we do have flowers here in the spring and summer..LOL.... these are all wildflowers...thank goodness no planting.

    Number 2 - this is off the front deck...I have to look at this every day..ho hummm.

    Number 3 - No kids...but these three keep me busy enough.. the 2 horses Cody and Big Boy are always into something and the donkey - Ivan - is my 600 pound dog....he just wants to be petted, allllll the time!

    Number 4 - When I get really bored I can always go fishing at the pond.

    Number 5 - The entrance to the's Christmas can you tell?...LOL.

    Well howdy to all!
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    Is the dog the white one or the black one?

    Lovely country
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      Hey, Chris, this place looks really cool. What do you do with your horses? With those fine looking gees and those boots of yours, you MUST be a rodeo king!! Please tell me I'm not wrong ..


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        Doug, The dog like donkey is on the other side of the gate from the horses...they like him around but just not too close...LOL.


        Not up for the rodeo as that's for the youngsters. I do love to ride though and do so whenever I get the chance and when the heat isn't too bad here. The weather now is gorgeous this time of year and perfect for riding.


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          hey chris

          didn't realize these were here when i answered you - so glad to see them!

          i don't think what you see from your deck is ho hum - but maybe you were kidding. i am so grateful for wildflowers, can't beat em, join em, i say. would love to pet the donkey. how old is he? did you build and stock the pond or was it already there? what's in it? your gate looks just like the one i had when cows were here. what does the sign say under the garland?


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            i forgot to ask, do you have sagebrush there? i love the smell of it, loaded up the car with it last time i drove cross just for smell, wish i could find something to approximate.


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              Great looking country! I used to live in a small town (about 100 people), and I loved getting up early in the morning to sit on the porch and listen to the birds. It looks like you can do the same thing. Nothing boring about that! It's great to see where everyone lives.



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                Neat photo's! Looks like beautiful country! Cant believe all the green!! Must be a great place to settle into. Tom


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                  I always figured you were a Texas ranch gal by the boot you choose for your avatar and now I see you are for sure. Love all the country around you and the horses too. Sounds like my kind of living.


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                    Thanks for the responses all.

                    Ed, yes it is a great place to live and relax. I do take my coffee out on the deck and listen to the birds in the morning and it's so peaceful. People ask why we dont' travel and get away...and I say we are away as this place is like a permanent vacation.

                    Kathleen: No sagebrush in this immediate area but lots of other brush, cactus, trees, mesquite, oaks etc. The stock pond was already here but it is well fed or it would go dry during the summer months. We've stocked it with catfish and then the cranes have populated with the perch. We also have a few grass carp to keep the vegetation down. My donkey is a Jack and is now 9 years old...but he's a hoot. He does what he wants when he wants to of course the horses do the same...they have lots of room to roam.

                    The sign on the gate says "Howdy" along with some scenery. It was made locally by a guy who does outstanding work. In case anyone is interested in his work he has a website at

                    He custom makes light fixtures, fireplace screens, signs, etc. beautiful work.


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                      Mmmmm, nice! Expect visitors soon.
                      Cody, Big Boy and Ivan look very happy.


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