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Hi again after long time gone!

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  • Hi again after long time gone!

    Well I'm here in Spain after escaping from the Art police in the UK!
    ....only joking!
    Truth is I got divorced and I finally made it to paradise on the southern coast of Andalucia in Spain. So far life is wonderful, but mucho time is taken up with property renovation and gardening mostly for my sister.
    So far Iv'e been a complete failure at learning the lingo down here so have decided to "reluctantly attend classes".
    Hope to soon be back producing some decent art and am in the process of buying an Epson 9600 for giclee repro work.
    Down here it's about 5 years behind the UK and I cant even find a PC world....have to travel to Barcelona or Madrid.......any one here in the same vicinity as me who could help with supplying a contact for computer parts, epson art paper or general encouragement in opening a small gallery in this area would be appreciated. I'm in the Malaga province, Andalucia.
    Warm regards,

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