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  • DJ's ole homestead in So Flo

    OK, boring as it may be here it is. We've lived here in South Florida since 1979 because we just got tired of year round snow. I can't say I'm sorry since I loved summer time best but I do miss the seasons though.
    The photos are of the front and back views of our house and one of our dog thrown in to make this less boring.
    The pool is not considered a luxury item here but more of a necessity.
    We live in a gated community which keeps things quiet and the developement is surrounded by a water canal and lakes in the center. Yes we have gators occasionally and some otters that frolic in the canal as well. Not to mention the beautiful water birds like egrets and hurons that wade by the canal shore.
    Boca Raton is a relatively quiet town despite the uproar it's caused in the news of late.
    It's close to lots of fun things to do such as the Everglades and the ocean and only 2 hours drive from Orlando and Kennedy space center. You can even see the plumes of the shuttle from our house when it goes up.
    Then if you head south there is Miami about 40 miles away and of course the keys which offer fantastic diving and fishing.
    In the summers it hits the high 90s but not much higher but the humidity can really get to you. In winter it's about mid 70s and an occaisional threat of frost. The of course, there's hurricane season which starts in June and ends in November. Now there's excitement for you. Well that's it in So Flo

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    Where's the photo, Dj? Bet a 'Gator got it!! Tom


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      I saw your other post saying that it probably won't happen. I've seen times when there is quite a bit of text, the attachment won't go through. Why don't you try to send it with little text?



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        I could have sworn I deleted this thread. OK You may have a point Ed. Here goes

        It took me several more tries. I have to say this is not the easiest way to go. And you can see how bad the photos turned out. Too low res.
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        Last edited by DJ Dubovsky; 10-22-2001, 08:18 PM.


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          Hey, ya got it!! Nice looking spread you've got there. I can just see myself sunning by the pool on Christmas Eve! If I didn't know better, from the looks of the screening by the pool, I'd probably think you have a lot of uninvited insects. That really looks like a nice place to relax. And that's a great looking dog too. I'm not sure how many people have posted so far, but I want to visit each and every one. This has turned out to be a great thread.



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            Thanks Ed,
            Yeah, the screening is a necessity. In the evening you would be eaten alive by mosquitos without it. It almost makes it feel like an extention to your house and with the covered porch, I like to sit out and watch the storms.
            The dog's a Siberian Husky, our 2nd and she is a sweet heart. I love having animals around. To me they are one of God's greatest gifts. My other one went in the pool sometimes but this one is scared of it because she fell in as a pup. But she loves getting squirted with the hose though which makes watering all my patio plants difficult because she keeps getting in the way.


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              I fully agree about the animals. For some reason, if there is a stray dog around, they somehow wind up at our house. Almost 6 years ago, my son and grand daughter brought a puppy home that had been hit by a car. I made it clear that the pup would not be spending the night. A little later I fell asleep in a chair. When I woke up, the pup was sleeping on my lap. And yes, he's still here.

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                Ed you ole softy. I love those ears. "All the better to hear what you say and ignore it" Looks like he's got some Shepard in him. I guess he knew where to go for good home.


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                  Yeah, he's got a lot of German Shephard in him, along with some Yellow Lab, according to the vet. He's got the body of a Shepard, but the color and web toes of the Lab.



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                    i knew you could do it.

                    you came south the same year i did, but you went further. how long have you been where you are now?

                    i think you should say you have a moat. with otters and gators. we have some gators, but no otters that i know of. i'd rather have otters.

                    would be lovely to have a pool, but i have formed the opinion that they are a lot of w-o-r-k. yes? but you have a teen-age potential pool man, so maybe not. do you swim in winter?

                    i love that you have a plam tree by your front door.

                    are people back to work @ that news building?

                    i am glad you got here as i planned to pester you til you did.


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                      Nice photos, Dj! How do the Huskys' get along in the heat? Swimming pool looks like lots of fun. Tom


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                        Dj I thought maybe my eyes were really going on me..I read and re-read and re-re-read your initial post to find the hidden picture...but it just wasn't there.

                        Now I've got it all figured goes....I'm going to spend spring in Texas, summer at Thomas' in Montana, fall at Ed's in Chicago (that way I can catch those beautiful colors) and guess where I'm wintering....AT DJ'S...LOL.

                        That sounds like a well worked out plan to me.

                        DJ really that porch and patio are great...I wish we had a covered porch and/or patio...and with all the trees around here there isn't a one by the house...just don't know how I missed that in the planning but I did.

                        I also have a love for animals....and it's tough around here cause I want to pet and see all the wild ones as well..course they just run and hide when anyone comes near.


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                          Thanks guys. I was really getting frustrated up loading it after all the trouble I had searching for photos of my house. Lots inside but not many outside. Then I found out my thread went through but not the picture. It must have went through twice because I did delete it before anyone saw it but evidently one sneaked through and Ed pounced on it. Then I had no choice but to give it another try. So thank Ed because I was to P-Oed to try again.

                          Kathleen_ I don't think the building is back in use yet but I haven't ventured there lately so I can't say for sure. Dave has been working at the University on a project for work so he doesn't even go by there anymore.
                          As for how long I've lived in this house, it's was built in 89 and the house we lived in before that was 1/4 mile away and is now a rental property for us. No I don't swim in the winter because I can't take the temperature below 82 degrees. I grew up swimming in 65 degree water but since I'm here so long things have changed in the temperatures I can tolerate. Also pools are less work then you think. We have the water sampled regularly and keep the right chemicals in it and use a creepy crawley to keep it vaccuumed. It stays pretty clean.

                          Tom_ Huskies do very well here. It's a question I always get asked because they are known for their adaptability to severe cold. That coat doesn't get quite as thick down here but it is still substantial and just as it protects them from the cold it also acts as a barrier from the heat also. Some people shave their southern huskies and that is actually taking away their insulation since dogs don't regulate heat by sweating as we do.

                          Chris_ Sounds like a good plan to me. When I moved to Florida I was impressed with all the plants that would grow outside here so I planted like crazy. Never do that again. Boy do things grow here!!! I do love the trees by the house because they actually aid in keeping AC costs down by shading the house. As for wild animals, we get alot. Had a possum in the garage once. Had to chase him out with a cloth wrapped moth balls. Then raccoons, armadillos and even a panther on one rare occaison. Also the occaisional snake or two. I don't mind the wild life and I usually find a gentle way of making them leave the house area but I love watching them from a distance.


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