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Now that's one heck of an site update Doug.

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  • Now that's one heck of an site update Doug.

    Not sure why, but, have issues using my very old SR Iron browser for posting here. Fire Fox appears to work fine, though. Anyway, was shocked when I visited the site (last few days the site was down as Know you knew). Kudos to the update; looks like you put some sweat equity in this. Hopefully my SR Iron (Chrome but old version since I use a WinXP VM as a sandbox) will work soon.

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    Thanks, Lyle. The site might need JavaScript to work, and that might be disabled on your older browser


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      Javascript is enabled as far as Iron Browser is concerned, so, that's not it, Doug. Again, at least Firefox appears to work here. Anyway, again, I do like the new look.

      If you are curious, the version of SR Iron is 49.0.2600.0 (equalent to same version for Chrome).