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    Hello! Just signed up with this forum. I've been fooling around with photography for quite a few years. First really good camera was a Nikkormat followed by a a Nikon F Ftn. I've owned quite a few cameras but lately have settled on Sony. I have 2 of the last Sony optical viewfinder models - the (DX) A580 and the (FX) A900 along with some Sony and Minolta lenses. I pretty much shoot anything that steps in front of my lens from travel, people, landscapes and close-ups. I shoot in RAW 99% of the time and post processing is done with Sony's Image Data Converter Ver. 5 and from there to Adobe PhotoShop. Looking forward to hearing from other "old" Sony users! I've posted a few of my photo's here: https://yourshot.nationalgeographic....ofile/534990/#
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    I'm not a sony user, but it does sound like we're from a similar generation. I used to dream of a Nikon F, but it was decades later before I finally got a Nikon (not quite an F).

    Have fun here, and I hope you find things to interest you.
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