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  • Skill Level??

    Just wondering where you would consider yourself in the area of skill level? Don't be bashful -- take the poll!

    Beginner - Intermediate
    Intermediate - Advanced

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    I guess I'd have to say I'm "intermediate". My friends and family who have seen my work tell me I'm not a beginner, but I know that I still have way too much to learn to even think that I'm near advanced. Thus, I'll stick myself in the middle.


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      I'm going to go with intermediate as well. I know I've seen a lot better work than mine and that's what keeps me learning.


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        I'm going to go with "intermediate advanced".

        What do you all think defines "advanced"?
        I guess for me, it's someone who can tackle any problem, and not leave any visible signs of work done.

        I'm also curious, who, and where are the advanced artists?


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          I have to class myself in the beginner-intermediate class as I daily discover that the more I learn, the more there is to find out. Tom


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            K Eismann says to the adept Photoshop is a transparant layer between user and image. That puts me in the mist and fog just south of Draculas castle. I'll go for intermediate because there's still major chunks of the program still unexplored.


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              I'll have to agree I'd class my self as intermediate as I still have much to learn about photoshop. I don't dare upgrade to photoshop 6 for frear of having to start again. but ine day $ permitting I will. lol


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                Depends on what you're talking about ... my skill level for the intricate and exhilarating game of tiddlywinks is definitely close to the advanced category, while those for mud-wrestling are pretty much beginner. Although I would prefer it to be the other way round.


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                  I'm a total novice. I don't even have Photoshop yet.


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                    Lorraine, if you're not in the position to purchase Photoshop right now, you can get an almost exact replica of the program for $29.00. It's put out by a company that makes software that is very much like popular software packages. It's legit.
                    I've posted the link below. If you go to the site, scroll down to where the individual programs are (as opposed to downloading the entire package). You are looking to download this file: abpaint.exe


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                      I feel like I am a beginner, but friends and family who have seen my work are impressed. Maybe that puts me some where between beginner and intermediate.

                      I'm working on my first paying job right now, so maybe I'm a little beyond the beginner stage.

                      At my age, i don't think I'll live long enough to become an expert!


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                        Thanks so much, Vikki!!!!

                        I can't believe they're copying that software for such a low price. I'm using Paint Shop Pro right now, but I intend to get Photoshop eventually. My husband is pushing me to get it, since he's seen the work I've done here. He's wants to buy PS for me for Christmas. I'm the one putting it off, since I've yet to learn all the aspects of PSP.

                        So far, since I've been on this site, I've been happy with PSP, except for the Retouch Challenges. I've tried three, and haven't been successful in completing any of them. I believe that you really need Photoshop for that.

                        I'm going to retire from my full-time job in December, and hopefully then I'll be able to learn Photoshop and do a lot more of the Challenges on this site.


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                          G'day everyone. Sorry I haven't been around of late but flat out with a flash project amougst other things. An interesting question. I'm not sure if you are asking what is your skill level with your program of choice or skill level doing retouching.

                          When it comes to usage and knowledge of PhotoShop, I would have to say that I am 'advanced' but there is still huge sections of the program I'm still discovering and coming to gribs with. I've lived and breathed PhotoShop for almost 2 years now and used it for everything from designing websites, colouring images, manipulating photographs through to it as a pure canvas for digital art. I've given some lecturers on the program at the university here which would be Australia's equivalent of Harvard / Yale.

                          Everything I've learnt has come from experimenting, experimenting, experimenting and reading the occasional good book. I can't stress enough that to learn a program is to play with it and while reading about it helps for ideas, experimenting / doing is the only way. Ok, enough ramble.

                          When it comes to retouching and restoring photgraphs, beginner as I've only done the one to date.


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                            Count me as beginner>intermediate.
                            I generally use PSP (7.04 now, started with 4.0) so with that I'm further along, but though I've ventured into the Photoshop realm with PhotoDeluxe, PS LE and Adobe Elements---I even downloaded PS 6.0 tryout so I can dream and drool.
                            Practice, read, experiment, and practice some more.
                            I do believe that the day you stop learning ought be the day you die---
                            so even if it's something small, I try to learn at least one thing each day.


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                              I'd rate myself as an advanced user. I'm an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) in Photoshop Versions 5 and 6. I also teach beginning and Advanced classes at my local Community College.
                              If I broke the program down into education levels from K through College...I'd be a graduating High School Senior about now! I still have higher ground to cover!


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