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  • I'm back!

    Sorry I drifted away a few (five?) years ago. Had a cascade of health issues which took me out of the photo scanning and restoration business. Arthritis and joint replacements in both hands made the intense work of photo restoration just too difficult. I've had a few more joint replacements since then (I'm up to 5) and this year decided to bite the bullet and buy a good camera. That will give me the creative outlet I need and allow me to do some photo editing and photo art at a purely fun level. I've really missed it! Anyway, I'm glad to be back and look forward to participating again

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    Sorry about the arthritis and joint replacements, and glad you will find a switch to photography and photo editing will fill your creative needs. I've found physical limitations and changes adding up as years roll by, and mobility/balance problems have made visiting locations and events for photography more difficult. Looking forward to your future posts and images.


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      Thanks, CJ. Yes, I've got balance and mobility issues too but my husband is vigilant about watching after me when we leave home. Chronic pain has robbed me of most of my energy and stamina but AZ has an incredible amount of scenery that's close to home. All I have to do now is learn how to use that nifty camera!


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        I am an Arizonan also, and agree about the scenery! I miss being able to walk the easy trails around the Superstitions, but may be able to handle the Gilbert Riparian Preserve. I got a mirrorless camera also to save on weight as well as features. Enjoy your new camera


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          How nice to meet a "neighbor" here! I haven't made it to the Gilbert Riparian Reserve yet but plan to go soon - now that it has finally cooled off!


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            Cottontail rabbits let folks get close, and herons often fish close enough to the bank to be photographed without telephoto lenses, although having a telephoto comes in handy. I don't have one yet for my mirrorless, and my DSLR is too heavy for me now, I think. Enjoy the cool fall weather with your camera.


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              Thank you, CJ. I will!


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